March 2009

My Goodies

by snackface March 31, 2009 Uncategorized
Small and mighty

Tweet Hello fine people! Things are already go-go-go here and I don’t mind a bit! Not yet, at least… On Sunday I snacked for a bit before I finally got to see MisterMan. First up was a mini La Tortilla with hummus and salad leftovers that I brought from home: After that I unpacked, which took […]

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Ahoy, Mates!

by snackface March 30, 2009 Uncategorized

Tweet I’m just popping in to say hello! I cannot get pictures to download properly right now, but I wanted to share that I’ll be heading back to Cincinnati tonight. I got called back for the Long John Silver’s commercial! Also, I realized that the VegNews interview is at 11:30 a.m. PST, which is 2:30 p.m. […]

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Splendid Start

by snackface March 29, 2009 Uncategorized
pineapple, salad, turd-looking stuffed grape leaves, Yukon Gold taters

Tweet Buongiorno! Muffin and I have made it back to Athens safely, and we’ve had a splendid start to spring quarter already! First, let me backtrack to Friday night’s dinner. Again, it was an odd mix-and-match dinner in avoidance of skin-on grilled chicken. Grape leaves aren’t the most photogenic things, are they? Also, multiply the […]

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Modull Behaveyur

by snackface March 27, 2009 Uncategorized
Sweet potato half moons, bruschetta, romaine salad

Tweet Ahoy! I never thought I’d actually be busy on spring break, but it turns out the past few days have been a whirlwind. Wednesday night, after the long Jungle Jim’s trip, I settled into a delicious meal. While the rest of the family had spaghetti with meatballs, I had this: Of course I love […]

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Welcome To the Jungle

by snackface March 26, 2009 Uncategorized
The view from row 15

Tweet There is an enchanting place, located in Fairfield, Ohio, that acts as a tourist attraction to out-of-towners, but a comfortable, quirky grocery store to locals. This place is more commonly known as Jungle Jim’s International Market, “A Food Lover’s Paradise.” And that may be an understatement. When you first approach Jungle Jim’s you immediately […]

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Just Snackin'

by snackface March 25, 2009 Uncategorized

Tweet Hi pretties! The day so far has been a dream. After my last post I made some breakfast. I wanted to try the Blueberry Oikos, but when I opened it I found a small patch of mold! Ewww. So I switched gears and chose Vanilla Oikos instead. Here it is mixed with FiberOne and […]

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You Know I Got My Top Back

by snackface March 25, 2009 Uncategorized
Pancakes, SF syrup, pineapple

Tweet WOW! Thank you all for the congrats on the job and the run! Way to make me smile from ear to ear. Anyway, yesterday as I walked downstairs to chill with MamaJ, I was nearly crippled by the soreness of the fronts of my thighs and the sides of my bum. Running tore my […]

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The Non-Runner Runs

by snackface March 23, 2009 Uncategorized
Yesss. Cherry toms, carrots, cuke, leftover pizza, red pepper, celery, General Tso

Tweet Aloha! I have to be honest here. I have done nearly nothing today. It feels bizarre not to worry about finishing a novel in time, or writing a paper by a deadline, or running off to practice by 9 p.m., or basically running around like my blonde locks are on fire. For the time […]

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by snackface March 22, 2009 Uncategorized
Salad, Yukon Gold potatoes in parsely, asparagus, chicken

Tweet What’s happenin’ pretty people? It’s Sunday night and things are winding down as we all prepare for a grueling week. Kidding! Not here! It’s going to be a continuation of a weekend for me all week. Naturally, I am A-OK with this. Allow me to catch you up on my life… Last night MamaJ, Popsicle, […]

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My Big Fat Greek Eats

by snackface March 21, 2009 Uncategorized
La Croix, banana, Apple Cinnamon Clif Kids Z-Bar, my purse

Tweet Hello dovelies! Are you enjoying your weekends? I have been having a blast, and have a ton to share, so I’m just going to jump to it! Friday afternoon I ran around my old stomping grounds in attempts to collect goodies for MamaJ’s birthday. I didn’t really have lunch, but I did snack on […]

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