April 2009

Queen of Athens

by snackface April 30, 2009 Uncategorized

Tweet After three years of hard work, countless hours in the newsroom and undying love for what she does, Muffin will be the EDITOR IN CHIEF of The Post. This basically makes her the Queen of Athens: We went out for a bit last night to celebrate. It didn’t last long, though. At one point […]

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Muffin's Makin' It

by snackface April 29, 2009 Uncategorized
Gave me a better jump-start than coffee

Tweet Hello happy faces! This is what I learned Tuesday: I do not do well without structure to my days. I felt exhausted all day…from doing nothing! What? No obligations? Yeah, I was shocked, too. My morning started with the intention to eat a snack and then go to the gym, but I got wrapped […]

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No Fun in the Sun Monday

by snackface April 28, 2009 Uncategorized
Giant Rice Krispies mess with Koffee

Tweet Hello everyone! I hope everyone is off to a great start this week. Monday for me was as exciting as a day full of eight hours of class can be, which is to say, not too exciting. It’s probably not smart of me to reveal that up front. Oh well. I did, however, eat some […]

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Blogtastic Eats, Reviews and Qs

by snackface April 27, 2009 Uncategorized
Lovely, cold, crunchy, sweet

Tweet Happy start to a fresh week! I love not knowing where a week will take me. Last week, for example…who could have predicted that?! It’s also comforting knowing that come Wednesday, 10 p.m., my weekend begins. Muhaha my schedule rocks. Sundays, however, are sad days to me. I’m normally scrambling to get things finished, […]

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High Fest '09

by snackface April 26, 2009 Uncategorized
I may have used this pic yesterday: pumpkin, banana, yogurt, kamut puffs, uncooked oats, cinnamon, flax, carob

Tweet Happy Sunday beautiful people! Saturday was absolutely ridiculous. Get ready for a glimpse of spring in Athens, Ohio. I started my day like any good foodie–with a breakfast normal college students would wonder, “what the hell is that orange mess?” Then I showered, decided what to wear, slathered my body with SPF 30, snacked […]

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by snackface April 25, 2009 Uncategorized
SnackFacing with the best pretzels

Tweet WOWee! Thank you, thank you, thank you all so much for the sweet words and support. I have to say, this past week has been emotionally draining on all levels, but I really feel back to normal. That being said, as unpredictable as a breakup and heartbreak is, life itself is unpredictable in general. […]

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by snackface April 24, 2009 Uncategorized

Tweet Hello beautiful people! I am terribly sorry, but I won’t be posting for a couple days. An incredibly amazing relationship has come to an end. MisterMan and I are no longer together. I’m extremely heartbroken right now, but I’ll be back in a bit! Love you all, Kailey

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The New Face of Newman's

by snackface April 23, 2009 Uncategorized
Oat bran and coffee!

Tweet What up party people! Okay, I’m still calling you a party person even if it’s not your thing. It’s gorgeous outside right now, and I just wish we could all get together and celebrate! Anyway, Wednesday was a doozie, so let’s begin the tale… Sleep did not come easily Tuesday night, and the alarm […]

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Cured by The Farmacy

by snackface April 22, 2009 Uncategorized
I love the light seeping through the filmy curtains

Tweet Buongiorno lovelies! Tuesday was one of the most low-key days I’ve had in a while. Unfortunately, I woke up in a bit of a funk. Everything is alright now, and I won’t go into detail, but there were some things that were bothering me for a good chunk of the day. I woke up […]

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You Know What the Midwest Is?

by snackface April 20, 2009 Uncategorized
Raw Organic Food Bar Chocolate Chocolate Chip

Tweet Young and restless. That line from a Kanye West song perfectly sums up how I’ve been for the past several days. I have tons to share! Buckle your seatbelts, ’cause we gonna be ridin’ dirty… FRIDAY The sun was showing off that day, which always leads to students starting their, uh, partying relatively early. Before I let […]

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