Gym Rat

by snackface on September 10, 2009 · 0 comments

Hey hey party people! Wow! Thank you all for the kind compliments on the Pop Girl Medley! You’re all so sweet you’re going to give me a cavity. I must report the wonderful responses to the rest of the Tempo Tantrums group. If anyone is interested in a CD, please let me know!

Anyway, Muffin and I had a blast celebrating her birthday Tuesday night. It was an effort to stay out till midnight, though. We were both insanely pooped–Muffin from working at the paper until sunrise, and SnackFace from her little friend named insomnia. Like the big 22-year-old she is, Muffin powered through sleep deprivation’s nasty grasp and rang in her birthday with me. I let her head home shortly after midnight.

The highlight of our night was while we were standing in line for Muffin’s pizza. We looked to our left and it all came together. My woman is the HBIC of orchestrating a daily newspaper:

Muffin and her paper!

Muffin and her paper!

Muffin headed home earlier than I did, as I needed to catch up with a friend of mine, Chauncey. Reminiscing about freshman year dance parties combined with a thrilling performance of Beyonce’s “Ego” that I absolutely had to do for the whole pub left me exhausted. I slept like a baby when I returned home.

Wednesday morning I naturally rose at 9. There was one thing I wanted to do and nothing was stopping me. I hurriedly pulled on a sports bra and tee, laced up my sneaks, loaded up my backpack with October Glamour and hot-pink aluminum water bottle and headed to the gym.

As much as I enjoyed running four to five times a week over the summer, I missed the gym! I’m one of those crazies who actually adores a good elliptical machine. When else can I get in sweaty cardio and thorough magazine reading? This year, our cardio machines are hooked up so that they work to create energy for the building when you’re exercising. Isn’t that fabulous?

I did 50 minutes of intervals on the elliptical and followed it up with 30 minutes of weight training. Machines used include: chest press, shoulder press, incline press, tricep press and two ab machines of unknown names. Most times I do three sets of 10 reps. I say most times because I often lose count. I’m a wordsmith, not a mathematician. (But I’m not telling you how many stabs I had to take at spelling mathematician before I got it right.)

I felt alive after that workout! I’m not ashamed to say that I’m truly a gym rat at heart. We get a bad rap sometimes.

After the gym session I chilled at the library for a half hour, killing time by reading blogs and contemplating how offensive I smelled. Stench or no stench, I skipped to Women’s Chorale at noon. The ladies are either remarkably nice or didn’t mind my stanky leg (and arm and torso and hair), as I received many hugs upon walking through the door.

Singing with 50+ girls today felt so good! Our sound was strong and warm, and it’s only the first day. We all noted it’s going to be a solid year.

I made it home shortly after 1pm and hopped into the shower. It’s probably unhygienic to remain unshowered for 90 minutes post-workout, but I don’t care. Nothing I haven’t done many times before.

You’re probably wondering where breakfast is. I know. Bad, bad SnackFace for not fueling until 1:30pm. The even crazier thing was that I wasn’t hungry. I’m sure hunger will attack my body all day Thursday. I’m ready. Anyway, I tested out a new blender MamaJ got for me! It’s no VitaMix, but it blended like the dickens and created a frothy green smoothie for me in a jiffy (what’s “jiffy’s” origin?):

New-to-me protein powder with a smoothie in a mug.

New-to-me protein powder with a smoothie in a mug.

In the greenie: banana, chia seeds, protein powda, cinnamon, water, almond milk and spinach to the rim of the blender. I had agave nectar on-hand in case the protein powder made it chalky or repulsive, but it was unnecessary. The powder has no flavor at all and the banana sweetness sang throughout the smoothie. Yum.

I make-upped, straightened and dressed (even wore a dress today because it was the only thing calling my name from the closet) and then headed to Online Journalism Fundamentals from 3 to 4:30. This class is going to be perfect for me, I can already tell! One of our assignments is to create a blog and post at least twice a week for seven weeks. Um, I have no idea what to do for another blog, but I’m excited!

I ran over to the music building after class for a voice placement audition for Women’s Chorale. My voice gets lower and lower each year! They even suggested I give alto one a shot sometimes. No offense to alto ones, but the parts of music they have to sing tend to be a bit boring. Thankfully, the director and her assistant assured me that soprano two is perfect for my range.

Muffin’s office is uptown, so I decided a short visit wouldn’t hurt. The poor thing was so insanely busy she could barely chat for a second. Taking a hint, I left after a few minutes and ran errands uptown.

I got home and snacked on an apple at 6-ish:

Snapple, fave plate and laptop.

Snapple, fave plate and laptop.

Some shrooms with hummus went unpictured as I waiting to see whether Muffin could do dinner tonight. She called and by the tone in her voice I knew our dinner date had to be pushed back. My poor birthday girl!

I whipped this up instead of the chips, salsa and vegan burrito I envisioned I’d have for dinner (tomorrow they shall be mine!):

Dinner and a movie. Definitely not burrito-ish.

Dinner and a movie. Definitely not burrito-ish.

Actually, that book has yet to be opened and I still have to read four chapters before class tomorrow. It’s midnight as I type this, so we’ll see how that goes. I love how it’s titled, A Short History of THE Movies. That “the” must be important. There has to be a difference between history of movies and history of the movies.

In the mix: kale, cherry toms, broccoli slaw, TJ’s meatless balls, Parma, Chile sauce and sesame something dressing. Although completely satisfying, homie needed some carbage:

Cereal and a book that's still unopened.

Cereal and a book that's still unopened.

I had more than a mug of Panda Puffs with almond milk and a smidgen of almond butter. What a beautiful ending to a beautiful day. Oh wait. I have a ton of reading left to do! After working all summer and feeling like anything but a student, it’s proving to be difficult to get back into the swing of things. I’ma try, though!

Time for me to read and rest up for a busy Thursday!

Ciao for now,


QUESTION: If you were to read a blog written by moi, but it couldn’t be about food, what would it be about? OK, I won’t make you do my homework. What types of blogs do you read other than food blogs?
My favorite non-food blog is Jezebel! It’s “Celebrity, Sex, Fashion for Women. Without airbrushing.” You know that’s how I do!