March 2010

Day Tripper

by snackface March 26, 2010 Uncategorized

Tweet Hello my lovely friends! I’m so sorry to dip out on you for a day, but I’ve been busy eating Ohio. Grab a snack and a cold one, because this is going to be a heifer of a post. Wednesday morning I arose to an empty house and an impending dentist appointment. What better […]

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Spring Breaking

by snackface March 24, 2010 Uncategorized

Tweet Hi beauties! What a lovely response to yesterday’s post! Thank you so much for being you. It’s always risky to talk about weight and such, but you all make everything much less scary. Perhaps this sense of peace eased me into sleeping for 11 hours last night. Eleven, that’s right. This is coming from […]

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Scale It Back

by snackface March 23, 2010 Uncategorized

Tweet Ay bay bays! How are you! I have slipped into the luxurious life of not being on my laptop all day, ‘errday, and have been successful at turning into a 5’10” blob on my parents’ couch who does nothing but eat and sleep. It is phenomenal. Because I have so much catching up to […]

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Protein Powda Princess

by snackface March 20, 2010 Uncategorized

Tweet Happy weekend, beauties! We have a Jay Robb protein powda winner…whom I’d like to dub the Protein Powda Princess. Congratulations…. Number 221… Cassie! And Cassie, how have I not been reading your blog from the start? Love! Please email me with your address and I’ll send the Jay Monay! Ciao for now, Kailey

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by snackface March 20, 2010 Uncategorized

Tweet Aloha, gorgeous gals and guys! While I appreciated your opinions on whether to stay in and study or to go out and live it up, we came up with another solution: For the past three years of my college career, I have spent finals week in isolation, stressed to the point of tummy aches […]

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Wha,Wha,Wha,Wha,What Would You Do?

by snackface March 19, 2010 Uncategorized

Tweet Hi, buttons! Well no one wants any protein powda. I don’t get it! I kid. I’m actually rather overwhelmed and love the responses! Y’all crack be up for adhering to the “powda” style. Jay Robb is worth it. So, I stayed up until 2am last night, reading, editing, writing and studying. The usual for […]

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Snackie's Got Her Groove Back

by snackface March 18, 2010 Uncategorized

Tweet PETUNIAS!!! How the heck are ya! Despite the fact it’s finals week and I should be stressed out, I’m feeling fabulous. To be honest, I was severely fooded out after the weekend. I didn’t feel like taking pictures of anything, and I didn’t really want to talk about it much. And then, this morning […]

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Expo West, Part Two: The Facts

by snackface March 17, 2010 Uncategorized

Tweet Hi, sugarbuns! How are you?! I’ve missed you terribly. Unfortunately (or fortunately?), I have been super busy. Also, I’ve returned to Athens for FINALS, so things are going to be a little cray cray until Spring Break. Therefore, I shall bring to you the last of Expo West in listed fact-style. I hope you […]

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Expo West, Part I

by snackface March 13, 2010 Uncategorized

Tweet LOVEPIES!!! I have so much to share– I am in heaven. Not only am I with the VegNews crew, whom I love and have missed, but I’m also meeting insane new people and SNACKING my FACE off. Most of this post is going to be pics of the hottest new products that you haven’t […]

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by snackface March 12, 2010 Uncategorized

Tweet Yo! I just wanted to take this time to… Hop up out the Benz, turn my swag on, take a look at the blogland, see wassup. I’m packed, super excited and heading out the door right now! Thanks to all your suggestions, I’m leaving with a bag full uh dis: I’ll be back with […]

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