August 2010

In Denial

by snackface August 31, 2010 Uncategorized

Tweet Hi, lovepies! I am in complete, utter and total denial that Wednesday marks September 1 and that the end of summer is drawing closer every day. Can I live in permanent summer state-of-mind, please? Relaxed, full of sunshine and brews… In order to make the most of the last of the drippy summer days […]

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Back to Light

by snackface August 30, 2010 Uncategorized

Tweet Ayo! I can’t tell you this enough: YOU are amazing. Thank you, thank you, thank you. After a heavy morning, I am pleased to return to the light side. Let’s get this thang poppin’. All summer, I have been spending chunks of time in Athens. While I love my time there, I got super […]

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by snackface August 30, 2010 Uncategorized

Tweet Hi, friends! That’s how I think of all of you who might be reading: as friends. Perhaps this is why I find it instantly crushing when I first receive a negative comment. It’s like getting stung by a jellyfish: At first it hurts horribly not because of the actual physical pain, but because of […]

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Ridin’ Spinners, Eating Dinners

by snackface August 27, 2010 Uncategorized

Tweet What up, party people! It’s the weekend!!! Woohoooo! I am glad some of you enjoyed the makeup post! It is a bit lacking, though, as a video tutorial is really what I have in mind. Being video camera-less is the only thing preventing me. I must find a way! Anyweezy, I have been having […]

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Six Steps to a Fresh Face

by snackface August 26, 2010 Uncategorized

Tweet Hi pies! Today I am going to let you in on how to get a fresh face in six steps! I am no expert, but after years of cheerleading, dance, theatre and modeling, I know a thing or two about makeup. Religious magazine-reading and an ex-model mother have also helped. The look into which […]

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by snackface August 25, 2010 Uncategorized

Tweet Hello, loves! How do I ever begin to thank you for the generous words of support and encouragement, not only for me, but for everyone else going through a trying time? I am completely overwhelmed by the love! Thank you, thank you, thank you. Now that we’re all feeling warm and fuzzy, how ’bout […]

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by snackface August 24, 2010 Uncategorized

Tweet Hello, most generous people in the world! My goodness, thank you so much for the wonderful responses to the previous post. I didn’t know where I was going with that post until my thoughts flew through my fingertips and onto the computer screen. To be completely honest, this summer has been hard. I never […]

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Not the Same (Still Fighting It)

by snackface August 22, 2010 Uncategorized

Tweet Ay bay bays! I hope your weekends have been magical! Mine was good, relaxing, laid-back. Weekends post-grad are not the same as they were during college. Take for instance, breakfasts: Back in the day, Muffin and I would have rolled to our favorite Mexican joint Saturday at noon for juevos rancheros and chips and […]

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Hip Hop Happy Friday!

by snackface August 20, 2010 Uncategorized

Tweet Holla! I’m back in Ohio, safe and sound. Well, “sound” is debatable. Anyway, this post is going to be all over the place. First things first: CSN Stores $60 Giveaway Winner! Dudes, I am so sorry that I’m an idiota who forgot to announce the winner! Thanks to, we have the random number […]

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Toronto in Pictures and Captions

by snackface August 18, 2010 Uncategorized

Tweet Hi loves! Our whirlwind Toronto trip is winding down, and on our last night I am feeling a bit reflective. On this trip, I’ve learned some things about myself. Some things I needed to say aloud (to MamaJ, of course). Some things I have to work on. Some things I need to be thankful […]

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