December 2010

Snackademy Awards 2010

by snackface December 30, 2010 Culture

Tweet Back in the trap! Pardon my slang, I just think it’s hilarious. I’ve been reading everyone’s 2010-in-review posts, and I thought I’d jump on the bandwagon—with a twist. YOU might be honored in this post! Here are my favorites of the year, based on a highly unscientific method that includes me reading something, liking […]

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by snackface December 29, 2010 Culture

Tweet Hey, party people! I can safely call you that because so many of you commented on your favorite drinking games. And some of your tweets and Facebook responses told me you are more than ready for New Year’s Eve. Beneath all the seriousness, everyone just wants to have a good time. For some, that […]

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B for D, Yahtzee!

by snackface December 27, 2010 Culture

Tweet Hi, buttons! Is everyone still enjoying some quality family and relaxation time? I was back at work today, but I get to see my fam every night. The perk of living at home! Sunday evening, we supped by candlelight: While the rest of the family dined on a scrumptious ham-filled split pea soup, I […]

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Fizzy Family Fun

by snackface December 26, 2010 Culture

Tweet What up! I hope your holiday has been wonderful. Mine has been full of family fun. I don’t have many words (shocking!) but I have tons o’ pics to share! Enjoy. Preparation Christmas Morning and Afternoon The “We Are Hams” Photo Shoot Christmas Dinner We signing off! Ciao for now, Kailey

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On Christmas Eve…

by snackface December 24, 2010 Food

Tweet Merry Christmas Eve, gorgeous people! This might actually be my favorite day of the year. It’s filled with merriment and joy (and those aforementioned secrets), and I get to spend it with my family. I’ve always liked the days and hours leading up to an event maybe a little more than the actual event. […]

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A Word on Holiday Enjoyment

by snackface December 22, 2010 Culture

Tweet Hello, loves! I truly hope you are enjoying this precious time. The days leading up to Christmas have always been my favorite. It’s as though the air itself holds a special element, making everyone merry and bright. It could be a mixture of pillowy cookies, glistening trees and classic songs everyone knows, but I […]

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Fabulous Fours

by snackface December 21, 2010 Culture

Tweet Hi, pies! Today, I’m bringing you a post that’s a little something different. In the New Year, I plan on being a better blogger. I’ll go into more detail in a later post, but part of blogging that I’ve never been great at is partaking in things in which I’ve been tagged to do. […]

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Trader Joe’s Owns Me

by snackface December 21, 2010 Food

Tweet What up, loves! In real time, it is Monday night, 9:57 p.m., and I am only now sitting down to blog. Why? Because I was busy spending more money today than I have in the past seven months combined. It. Felt. GREAT. I love Christmas shopping, and I especially love shopping when I can […]

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To Sleep and Eat Well

by snackface December 19, 2010 Food

Tweet ‘Ello, friends! Did you all have fabulous-amazing-wonderful-delicious-orgasmic-titillating weekends? I hope so. This weekend, I had two things on the agenda: To sleep and eat well. During the week, these are two things with which I am unsuccessful. Sleep is the first thing to go when I have a full plate (figurative), and a full […]

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Hip Hop Happy Friday!

by snackface December 16, 2010 Culture

Tweet Ay bay bays! Happy Friday! (That’s assuming you’re reading on Friday morning!)¬†We’ve powered through and conquered another week! Bring on the weekend! It has been a doozie of a week, at that. For the second time, MamaJ had to drive me to work. Cincinnati, let’s get it together next time and prepare the roads […]

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