January 2011

Weekend Receipt

by snackface January 31, 2011 Culture

Tweet Hola, bonitas! I am terribly sorry to have left you hanging! I wanted desperately to blog Monday morning, but I didn’t have the time. Let me tell you, I had a weekend of a lifetime. Below is a weekend “receipt,” if you will. -Six hours spent in the car. -One set of clothing packed. […]

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I’ll Be Back

by snackface January 31, 2011 SnackFace

Tweet Hi honeys! I intended to stay in Athens for one night (Friday). I left Monday morning at 5:50 a.m. instead. Thankfully, I made it to work in time. I’ll be back later with a recap of a magically wonderful weekend. How was yours?! Ciao for now, Kailey

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Dressing Up Denim {Get Ready Guide}

by snackface January 28, 2011 Fashion

Tweet Buongiorno! My ladies, the freakin’ weekend will be taking over at approximately 5 pm. Are you ready? I love going out as much as I did in college. Thankfully, my friends are in the same boat. The major conundrum when it comes to going out– aside from where to go– is what to wear. […]

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This Is What YOUR Balance Looks Like

by snackface January 27, 2011 Food

Tweet HI, FRIENDS!!! The weekend is almost here! I can taste it– it tastes a lot like Red Bull-vodkas and pizza. Those two items, I believe, can be incorporated to what I consider to be a “balanced” lifestyle. But you already know what my balance looks like. Now it’s time to share what your balance […]

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Tech Trio

by snackface January 26, 2011 Culture

Tweet What up, playas! Let me take you back to my senior year of high school. A computer was the place I wrote papers and used Internet Explorer (for said papers only). A cell phone was the Nokia brick I often forgot I had. I didn’t own a camera. I didn’t own a camcorder. When […]

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The Makings of a Good Day

by snackface January 25, 2011 Culture

Tweet Hi, kittens! The blog world is a lovely place in which a 20-something lady is permitted to share whatever is on her dreaming mind. It’s also one of the only places she’ll receive input from tens of people comforting her when she’s had a bad day. I’ve boo-hoo-ed about below-average days too often, detailing […]

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Chill(i) Like That

by snackface January 24, 2011 Food

Tweet Hello, sweet friends! I am thrilled to bits that you all seemed to enjoy a more fashion-focused post! My days are spent working, thinking about what I want to eat and scouring the internet for the latest in fashion– as you can see, I would be stifling my inner (and outer) fashionista if I […]

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SnackFaces and Spring Forecast

by snackface January 23, 2011 Fashion

Tweet Buongiorno bellas! At the end of most weekends, I’m more tired than I was at the start. That’s what days of traveling, cocktailing and dancing will do to a gal. This weekend, however, I actually relaxed. My hours were filled with calming activities instead of rushing around, and my head was filled with dreams […]

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I Got Nothin’

by snackface January 20, 2011 Uncategorized

Tweet Hello, dollfaces! Today is a rare day. I got nothin’. My mind is on vacation. I think it’s numb from all the snow. Now, it has not been a dull day, it’s been fun. I ate peanut butter-maple oats for breakfast: That kind of looks as if it’s already been digested. Still delicious, I […]

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A Black Swan Affair

by snackface January 19, 2011 Culture

Tweet Hello, darlings! I think I’ve figured out why I don’t post first thing in the morning. It’s because my brain comes up with post titles such as, “It Needs Cereal Viagra.” I mean, seriously. Is that not the most ridiculous title ever? Thank you for still being kind to me. Keeping it classy over […]

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