This Is What YOUR Balance Looks Like

by snackface on January 27, 2011 · 28 comments

HI, FRIENDS!!! The weekend is almost here! I can taste it– it tastes a lot like Red Bull-vodkas and pizza.

Those two items, I believe, can be incorporated to what I consider to be a “balanced” lifestyle. But you already know what my balance looks like. Now it’s time to share what your balance looks like. I have been overwhelmed by the response and I hope you all take a moment to read these wonderful posts.

This, my friends, is powerful. This is how we can affect change. This is how we can help others. Lez do dis!

Kristin broke it down for us with a definition and a story of how balance is an ever-changing, ever-flowing concept.

Conni spells out balance, letter by letter. I personally enjoy that “booty” made the list.

Gillian had one of the most touching, relevant series on finding balance. Wisdom is laced throughout.

The Little Girl Who Should sees balance in activities like “wasting time,” which is such a great point! We can’t be busy all the time. What would we do without blogs to read? Also, sista has my old layout, which I love!

Mansee may include Bieber in her list of what keeps her balanced, but I won’t hold that against her. When a woman says she can’t help “being completely in love with [her] life,” how can I not admire her?

Eliza has an awesome picture of her balance, which includes Bud Light. Git it!

Megan moves, eats whole foods, embraces her inner hip-hop thug and sips bubbly. A girl after my own heart.

Amanda is working to regain balance by eating breakfast and applying for grad school. And snacking– the best!

Kaila feeds balance with awesome combinations of foods (carob powder and figs? YES) and surrounding herself with the most gorgeous parents and loved ones.

Katie is all about the 80/20 lifestyle. Her weekends look a lot like mine. (Did I spy a Blue Moon in that post?! LOVE!)

Elise is actually someone I look to for balanced inspiration. With balance that means truly knowing your body, knowing your cravings, knowing your hunger, I can’t help but want to hone in mine, too.

Angela reminds us that as humans, we need balance to survive. “Can you imagine a life where you have trouble just standing upright?” she ponders. Ange is also a member of the grammarazzi, which is my jam.

Fit Food Lover needs to talk to her man, eat snacks and chocolate, drink coffee, work out and get her beauty on in order to feel balanced in a day.

I have a feeling this isn’t a complete list, so if you weren’t included, please leave the link to your balance post in the comments section.

If ever you’re feeling doubtful or confused or weighed down, I highly recommend coming to SnackFace, finding this post and reading the balance of others. It helps me feel even more secure in what my balance is like because we’re all so different.

I’ll catch ya later!

Ciao for now,