This Week’s Favorites

by snackface on March 10, 2011 · 32 comments

Aloha, lovahs! How comforting to know that content trumps frequency when it comes to blog posts. I loved reading your comments throughout the day on that topic!

Anyway, are we THRILLED to pieces that the weekend is moments away? I am because I’m going to Athens again. My loves are there: DM and Muffin. For newbies, Muffin is my best friend of all time. She lives in NYC now, working a high-profile news job that she worked her hiney off for. She will be in Athens for the weekend, and even though I was just there, I must go back. Gosh, what a drag to hang out with the boyf, my rock (my rock is Muffin– I seriously don’t know what I’d do without her) and college friends. 😀

Thursday was such a long day that a weekend full of fun is much deserved. I awoke at 5:15 a.m. and rushed around the house to get ready by 6:30 a.m. Breakfast was a quickie!

Cookie dough cereal! Uncooked oats + banana + peanut flour + cinnamon + stevia + coconut milk. Duh-licious!

Then, a co-worker and I hustled downtown for a social media and business practice seminar. I took in the breathtaking, stunning, gorgeous, sunshiney Cincinnati city.


A rainy morning that turned into a snowy afternoon and evening.

I love my city, I do, but it was not at its best this morning. The seminar, however, was held at the Scripps Center and it was fantastic. As a Scripps alum, I couldn’t help my excitement. We discussed what we say on our Facebook pages, Twitter pages and personal blogs in regards to work, and what the ramifications can be when we badmouth our employer. I learned a ton, and I hope that college courses are teaching students how to balance their personal brands (blogs, mostly) with their corporate lives. I deal with this by not sharing the company for which I work, exposing real names or complaining about anything specific. When I have a bad day, it’s mostly because of my own doing or my own attitude anyway.

By the time we got back to the office, I was starving and shoved a Clif Z-bar in my face. Sorry no pic! I skipped off to lunch soon after.

Panera time! Thai Chopped Chicken Salad, sans chicken.

You know what completely made my day? David J. at Panera spelled my name correctly. I don’t think that’s ever happened there before. Thanks, sweet cheeks!

Work was a little insane in the membrane in the afternoon. As in, 5 p.m. made its presence known sooner than I expected.

I took my tired eyes and brain to the gym for a schweaty 4.4 miles on the elliptical, followed by arms, chest, back, legs and glutes. I’m addicted to my current strength training routine!

Afterward, I stopped at Kroger to see if I needed anything. Apparently, I “needed” eyeliner, nail polish, ice cream, Reese’s Eggs and Reese’s Pieces Eggs. I am such a girl.

What I really had for dinner after I showered: Boca burger, chips with hummus and pineapple.
What I’ll show you:

Wednesday's dinner. Amazing salad, roasted potatoes and corn. I had about three rounds, yo.

And now, I’d like to present you with something I hope to feature weekly on the blog…but only if you love it! I read a TON of blogs, read lots of comments, but don’t always comment or respond. This is my way of saying, “Blog World, I LOVE YOU!” (Who knows, you could be mentioned!)

This Week’s Favorites

Favorite bloggette recipe: How Sweet It Is Cilantro Lime White Bean Hummus. I need an empty weekend so I can make this!

Favorite bloggette moment: Holly, my favorite Everythingtarian, had a huge moment this week. She got the most fabulous, gorgeous, perfect-for-her header. It makes me randy.

Favorite blog: I just discovered and am now infatuated with Atlantic-Pacific. You’ll fall high-bunned head over tough ankle-booted heels for this San Francisco style diva.

Favorite comments on SnackFace: In response to “Patterns”, Alexa said, “A day, or weekend or year filled with cheese or cheese-related food is an amazing choice to me.” Sista, I am with you!

In response to “Let’s Be Real“, Ally said, “Kailey, where did you get your disc pendant from? I like it :)
My fave candy at the moment is pretzel M’n’Ms. THE. BOMB.
” Not only do I dig her use of “the bomb,” I also realized I’ve been asked this question before and never answered! SORRY! I found it at a vintage shop in St. Louis. I have a thing for disc/circle-shaped pendants with Scorpio on them. Not only does this specific necklace have all those essentials, it’s also in Italian (my favorite language). It was meant to be.

Favorite Twitter moment: The other day I tweeted, asking folks what their favorite foodie brands are. Though the response from friends was wonderful, the response from the foodie companies blew me away. We’re talking responses from Clif, Udi’s Gluten Free, Brooklyn Salsa, ProBar, Larabar, Chobani. Kudos to all these companies and their social media strategies. You = AWESOME. You are what this community is all about.

Favorite foodie news: Speaking of Clif, they tweeted a pic of their new flavor. Coconut Chocolate Chip. Will I be stalking the shelves until I find it? You bet your buns.

Favorite blog-reading music: Y’all know I need music. Young the Giant rocked my world this week. Highly, highly recommended for a summer, California-chill feel.

That’s all for this week! Have a STUNNING weekend, lovelies!

Ciao for now,


Questions: What were your favorites this week? Blog-related or not!

P.S. I just proofread this post and noticed I referenced butts way too much. Enjoy 😀