June 2011

Gone Corporate {SnackStyle}

by snackface June 30, 2011 Fashion

Tweet Hi, kittens! This week has been insane and full of surprises. That means, this Thursday night, my brain is crispy— and not in that fresh salad kind of way. As in that burnt toast kind of way. Thank goodness I’ve been collecting pictures of my Kailey-goes-corporate looks from the week. Friday is casual Friday, […]

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Summer Beauty Sensations

by snackface June 29, 2011 Beauty

Tweet …and by sensations, I mean it may only be in my life that the products you’re about to see are sensational. Nonetheless, I adore them so much that I would be remiss not to share. In the spicy summertime, the temperatures rise and my beauty routine shortens. Who has time to concern herself with […]

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Seemingly Simple and Exquisite Eats

by snackface June 28, 2011 Uncategorized

Tweet What up, lades and gents? I say “lades” in my head instead of ladies, no idea why. Let’s make it a thing. Go. Do you ever have days in which you absolutely love every single thing you eat? I don’t mean just OK. I don’t mean, “I ate it but I don’t really remember […]

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Experimental {SnackStyle}

by snackface June 28, 2011 Fashion

Tweet 1. By reading blogs like The Blonde Salad and Atlantic-Pacific, I somehow think I can get away with similar photographs. Turns out, I can’t. 2. I propped up my camera on a magazine because I was too lazy to get the tripod. Thus the reason I’ve deemed this “experimental.” 3. All my ‘fit pics […]

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A Little Bit of Naughty, A Whole Lot of Nice

by snackface June 27, 2011 Culture

Tweet Yoohoo! I’m back! Sorry for the brief absence, frans! But what a wonderful weekend I’ve returned from/from which I’ve returned. (Depending on your preposition-at-end-of-sentence-or-clause stance.) Like others, this past weekend was a little bit of naughty, and a whole lot of nice. Every gal needs a little naughty in her day, and on Friday, […]

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Working On My Fitness + Winner!

by snackface June 24, 2011 Culture

Tweet Happy Friday, sweet petunias! Let’s get to the exciting new as to who won a Foodzie box! Git it, Jill! Email me with your first and last name and address, and Foodzie will send your box of goodies along! Thank you everyone for playing. I mean entering the contest!   ****UPDATE**** Turns out there […]

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SnackFace + Foodzie {A Giveaway}

by snackface June 23, 2011 Food

Tweet Hello, beautiful people! I am absolutely touched that the introduction topic for my new series, The Older Sister I Never Had, resonated with you. I wrote it very late Tuesday evening and wasn’t even sure if I’d gotten my points across. When I write something like that, I just let it flow and don’t […]

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The Older Sister I Never Had: (Un)Employed

by snackface June 22, 2011 Culture

Tweet Today, dear readers, I bring to you a new SnackFace feature. Welcome to The Older Sister I Never Had series, where I tell stories and give advice as I would to a younger sibling, or as I wish the older sister I never had had told me. Now, I am no expert. I may […]

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A Series of Fortunate Events

by snackface June 21, 2011 Culture

Tweet Ayo, boos! Are you ready for a big dose of weekend, mid-week? So Tuesday isn’t exactly “mid-week,” you say. Nonsense! Let’s hop to! Friday evening: DM arrived at approximately 6:30 p.m. After catching up with the fam, he and I headed out for dinner. Someone wanted Mexican, and we elected Abuelos to fill the […]

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Weekend Preview

by snackface June 20, 2011 Culture

Tweet Hi ladies and gents! Wow wow wow. I am thrilled that people seem to be loving SnackFace’s new look! I seriously can’t stop staring at it. It’s bad (ass). I’ve just had a marvelous weekend with DM, my family and my friends. It was just the thing to reboot the system for a brand […]

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