Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Older Sister I Never Had: Tall Tales

by snackface July 13, 2011 The Older Sister I Never Had

Tweet A dear reader approached me with a close-to-my-heart topic that I simply cannot resist. We’ll call the reader Clarissa. She sent me the following email: “My older sister is SUPER self-conscious about her height. She’s 5’9” 1/2 (it’s really not that tall…) and she absolutely hates it. She’s not big either; she is actually […]

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13 Things on the 13th

by snackface July 13, 2011 Uncategorized

Tweet Hi, buttons! Thank you for the darling comments on my mini vacation slideshow. It was a blast of a weekend that still has me exhausted. I’ll learn how to sleep someday. It’s already the 13th of July (I know, I know— people say “I can’t believe it’s ______ already!” but it’s true). Let’s talk […]

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