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by snackface on August 2, 2011 · 25 comments

What’s happenin’, boos? First and foremost, you’re all bosses. Thanks for filling me in on your protein needs! It rejuvenated my passion for mixing up my eats. I dominated Kroger tonight, is what I’m saying.

Anyway, I’ve been tagged by Gina and Gabriella in 7 Links, of which you’ve probably read dozens by now. But I’m sure none are as spicy as what you’re about to read! (That’s me putting my sales/marketing face on that I usually remove after 5:30 p.m.)

It’s been a treat to go back through my older posts and relive the summer that changed me and my last days of college. Please enjoy the links and re-reading the posts as much as I did!

1. Most Beautiful Post(s)

June 2009. July 2009. August 2009. This was the summer that changed my perspective on life. It was the summer I came into myself. It was the summer that opened my eyes and taught me how to live. And I met the city I’ll love for the rest of my life. I hope every young woman experiences a summer in which she’s entirely independent and around new-to-her people and surrounded by uncharted territory. Prior to my summer in San Fran and internship with VegNews, I hadn’t even been to the West Coast (the best coast).

A picture from my very first day in San Francisco!

2. Most Popular Post(s)

June 2006.

In Honor Of and In Honor Of (Part Two). In February 2010, I acknowledged my history with an eating disorder head-on and for the first time. Tears streamed down my face as I wrote it, uncovering painful memories I’d pushed away. I cried because I was sad for that girl. The girl I turned into. Not the woman I know, am and love now. In 2011 when I updated the story to honor NEDA Week, I was once again met with huge, hugging warmth and support— but this time, I didn’t cry as I wrote it. It isn’t always easy to open up, but you all make me feel safe in doing so. I also know in my heart that I’m helping people by talking about my own struggles. You can conquer. You will.

August 2011. With T&A! Who knew?

3. Most Controversial Post

As some of you may know, I have no issue speaking my mind. This occasionally stirs the pot. If you’ve been reading blogs for any period of time, you may also know that stirring of the pot can upset people. The blog world is both weird and awesome in that it can sometimes feel like high school. People will “tell on you” and “talk about you behind your back.” But people will also fight for you, and that’s incredible!

We all have our favorites. I totally get that! If someone were talking about something that may involve my best friend, I’d set that person straight, too. What matters is that in every instance, I’ve cleared up the issue with the person I may or may not have offended, and we’re all buds now! I’m not linking to posts that may have caused many a panty to bunch because it’s in the past and we’ve all moved forward!

4. Most Helpful Post(s)

This is hard to discern when you’re the author and not the reader, but I’d have to say starting The Older Sister I Never Had series and kicking it off with how sh!tty it is to be unemployed post graduation helped people. I had readers and friends email, text, Facebook message and tweet me about it. What do you think? (I can no longer make decisions without you!)

5. Surprisingly Successful Post

7 Things You Don’t Know. I wrote this as a vent-y, rant-y type of post that randomly summed up one day, and it turned into an awesome conversation about how odd it is that we wait for geese to cross the road but we eat chicken for dinner. People get heated about a vegan, vegetarian, carnivorous, whateverous lifestyle, and it fascinates me. After working for a vegan magazine and living with a family who eats meat, I’ve decided on this: we have to agree to disagree. My brother and I will never see eye-to-eye on the meat-eating issue. He will never understand how or why I think it’s unnecessary for me to eat cows, pigs and chickens, and I won’t understand why he doesn’t understand! It’s 100 percent fine. You do you, I’ll do me. As humans we need to respect one another when expressing these opinions.

6. Middle Child Post (Didn’t receive the attention it deserved)

All of them? Is that crass? Heckles, I don’t know! If I were that sensitive about my posts, I’d be curled up in a ball crying right now, watching SatC on threepeat. Of course I’m tooly enough to think my blog is da bomb and everyone should be reading it! Tell your mom, grandmama, sister, girl in class you don’t really like, your frenemy, your bestie, your boyfriend, your brother. Embarrassing shiz is going on here and it needs to be read! (If you don’t sense the sarcasm, lo siento.)

7. Proud Mama Post(s)

I am extremely proud of being honest about my attempt at modeling with a “bigger” body. Walking in a runway show (in Ohio, mind you, which is not a big deal) as a size 4 proved to be a challenge. I was dubbed as “The Curviest One We Have.” It is hard enough as a woman to love your body, let alone have others blatantly talk about your figure as though you aren’t right in front of them, LET ALONE having overcome a vicious eating disorder. It was a moment I ran with and chose to make the most out of.

I then faced discomfort with the photographs of the show. I felt as though they made me look even “curvier.” But you know what? I walked on the damn runway, owning what I’ve got and feeling like the diva I am. Walk, Walk, Fashion Baby!

I really hope you all re-enjoy the posts! I love you and appreciate that you read SnackFace. I’m extremely grateful for the opportunities this blog has given me. Above all, I’m grateful for the opportunity to write my heart out. Thank you.

Ciao for now,


Questions: What’s one of your favorite SnackFace posts? + What’s a favorite post from another blog or YOUR blog?