The Friday Five

by snackface on August 5, 2011 · 40 comments

Happy Friday, kittens! We’ve powered through another week, and if you’re feeling the same way I’m feeling, you’re more than ready for the weekend. Bring it. Sleeping more than 5 or 6 hours a night would be a dream!

On this fine Friday morning, I’d like to share five things from the week that I didn’t manage to find a home for in other blog posts. A classic case of so much to share, so little time to share it.

1. Eating more protein has led to some fugly meals.

See what I mean?

I’ve had scrambled eggs with Kolby-Jack and salsa several times this week, but it photographs terribly. It’s so delicious! I always follow it up with eating carbs. So far it’s been tortilla chips and a pb+j. Aren’t eggs supposed to be filling? They can’t fly solo for me.

2. Last night at yoga, as we were beginning our practice, I noticed extra straps over my shoulders. I had forgotten to take off my real bra that was still layered under my sports bra! Because I was talking to someone while I was changing, it’s not as though I was going to also introduce Frick and Frack, ya know?

Having just washed my bra and really not wanting to downward dog-away the power of my underwired bra, I sprinted to a private area of the gym, stashed my bra in the personal trainer’s cabinet (I was at our work gym and our personal trainer MJ was right there) and sprinted back to my mat. Thankfully, I was met with giggles from my coworkers.

Afterward, I went to fetch my bra and someone we’ll call E (female) said, “Oh my god! Do your boobs really fit into that? That thing is huge!” She then proceeded to hold it over her own chest, showing me that it is, in fact, on the larger size. Humiliated (not really, I’m just playing this up for drama’s sake), I shoved my bra under my shirt and scurried to my gym bag at my desk to place it safely. And that’s that.

3. Speaking of my body, I think other parts of me are turning into a man.

Or just a strong woman.

This isn’t any kind of creepy “progress” picture (although it is creepy); it’s more of a “holy sh!t what is that?” picture. Perhaps the free weights, personal training sessions, yoga and boot camp classes are doing something. Now where oh where are the six-pack abs? I’ll take two, even.

4. On Monday, I booked a flight to NYC! In the very near future, I’ll be traipsing about town with my best friend Muffin! There will be birthday celebrations, shopping adventures and maybe even a fashion event or two! Muffin and I haven’t spent quality time together in months, and I haven’t been to the city in over a year! It’s definitely time. I am PUMPED.

5. At one point in the past week or two, I wore this:

Welcome to the backyard.

MamaJ gifted that skirt to me in high school. It’s from a store that was very…not me. It’s taken me years to find a way to wear it, and of course, a simple tee was all it took. The backyard really helps, too.

I hope you all had a fabulous week— have even fabulous-er weekends! Love ya and thank you for a fun week on SnackFace!

Ciao for now,



  • Embarrassing stories: Have any to share from the week?
  • Clothing: Are there some pieces in your closet you’re still trying to figure out how to wear?
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