It’s Happening

by snackface on March 13, 2012 · 28 comments

For the past seven days straight, the only thing I’ve wanted for breakfast is Greek yogurt. Well, not the only thing. Heaven forbid I should ever eat something solo. Greek yogurt + banana + crunchy peanut butter. It’s a full-blown addiction.

An addiction that times itself with Mother Nature. When cravings go from hot to cold, something else usually occurs. My legs. They suddenly want to— nay— need to be bare. What is this bizarre correlation? (Snaps for photo editing for making me magically tan.)

It’s happening. The weather is doing that thing it does every few months. It’s changing. Everyone’s talking about it, as they are wont to do. I don’t blame them— it’s miraculous every single time. Spring, sprang, sprung. And I’m happy. I never like to admit that weather controls the type of person I am… but it so does. I thrive on sunshine and warmth.

To celebrate while I’m indoors, I’m listening to Gotye’s Making Mirrors album. In Your Light is on repeat. Enjoy the day, my friends!

Ciao for now,


Question: What type of weather makes you happiest? While a summer day is my favorite, I love the few days when you start to notice the seasons change, no matter the season.