Seg This Way

by snackface on April 8, 2012 · 31 comments

Hi, sweets! After a busy week at work and an interesting week the blog (thanks for the feedback!), come Friday 7 p.m., all I wanted was fun. And fun is what I had.

One of my very best friends, A.Lip, invited me to a music festival and a night of beer and whiskey (more on that in a bit) drinking. We started with food, though. Or else I would have fallen on my face.

Fish tacos at Cactus Pear in Clifton.

Maybe beer accompanied the tacos, along with endless chatter about relationships, internships, marketing, jobs and a theory that couples who end up together have very similar facial features. I swear it.

End of a Bell's Oberon and the beginning of a Corona Light.

We eventually made our way to Rohs Street Cafe to pick up our wristbands for the evening. I was mesmerized by our first band of the night, the name of which I have no idea. This makes me such an awesome festival-goer.

Platinum hair, alto 2 voice, cathedral setting.

On our way to the second venue, we ran into A.Lip’s man, Rome. Rome coordinated the whole event, The Heights Music Festival. Because of this and the fact that Segway was a sponsor, Rome’s mode of transportation was none other than a Segway. We all see where this is going.

Awww yeah. Heavily spotted by Rome, though. This look is a mix of sheer terror and joy.

P.S. Wearing a silver sweater garners comments such as, “You’re money, baby, you’re money!” And a lot of, “So what is this? Futuristic? 80s?”

Back to the music. We headed to Christy’s to watch another band whose name I forget. State Street. Street Sport. State Sport. Something. They sounded very The Vines circa “Highly Evolved”— meaning, I loved it.

You need more than a point-and-shoot for bands, as I've learned.

The beautiful A.Lip.

A.Lip and I lived in the same neighborhood forever, went to high school together, traveled to Italy together. We ran into another friend who went to Italia with us, Harrison. It was fantastic seeing him and catching up!

After the mini-reunion, A.Lip and I went to one other cafe and then to Baba Budan’s. Parked at the bar, we had a shot of whiskey (this was more like a dare, as neither of us has acquired a taste for it…yet) and then a steady stream of brews.

The morning after, I had grand plans of fitting in a workout, primping and getting to my voice lessons across town by 12:45 p.m. Ha! Yeah right. What actually happened: devoured a bagel sandwich and coffee, showered, struggled to choose an outfit, ended up throwing on a dress, drove across town chugging water the whole time.

Bruegger's egg white, cheese and sundried tomato on everything.

My voice lesson went surprisingly well considering all the talking-over-bands I’d done the night prior. It’s all about those warm ups.

I tried to go shopping afterward, but it turned out to be disastrous. Kenwood was hideously busy and I just wasn’t feeling it. I was also reminded, yet again, that H+M has the worst lighting in its dressing rooms. Anyone else feel me on this? And you absolutely have to try things on at H+M because the sizes are all over the place.

Anyway, I drove straight home, changed into shorts and a sweatshirt, curled up in a ball and watched My Week With Marilyn. Incredible! A quiet story of Marilyn’s insecurities, the intrigue and costuming swept me away. Michelle Williams was magical in a role I never would have pictured her in.

I remained a total zombie for the rest of the day, watching Young Adult (depressing but good) and Conception (boring and obviously written by a man— all the women were bitchy). Then I slept for 10 hours.

Sunday I awoke feeling groggier than ever. Downed coffee and pumpkin pancakes. MamaJ and I spent Easter afternoon walking Marshmallow for 1.5 miles, then continuing without her for 3.5 miles.

Post-walk, I cleaned my car, showered, snacked, napped. Tried to work for a couple hours but found zero inspiration for the project. Then the whole family sat down around the table for a lovely holiday feast.I say this after almost every weekend, but it was just what I needed. A night of fun, a day of rest and a day of family. I’m really looking forward to the week ahead, too. Lots going on at work and socially, which will have me using a vacation day on Friday. I spend these very carefully. It’s for the best reason.

With that, I’m off to spend the rest of what’s left of the weekend eating ice cream and watching a movie. I hope your weekend was marvelous, too!

Ciao for now,


Seg this way. Tootles.