Up Next

by snackface on July 16, 2012 · 56 comments

Hi, loves! Wow, thank you all for the positive words on my job “reveal.” Work was always something I wanted to blog about, but never could (for obvious reasons). I have memories that will last a lifetime, and I hope to share some of those stories with you over time.

So now is the part where I tell you what I’m doing next. And it’s not going to be a surprise of any sort if you know me/read my blog/stalk me/whatever. I haven’t been trying to keep it a secret.

On Friday, July 20 (THIS Friday!), I am up and moving to L.A. Yep, like millions of people before me, I am just a Midwest girl moving west to pursue opportunities, have a great adventure and create stories.

Moving to California has been a dream that seemed so far-fetched, I wrote it off. There were times over the past two years in which I told myself, “That’s just not going to happen in your lifetime.” To be totally honest, I spent much of the past two years crying, not liking my situation and generally feeling sorry for myself. I felt stuck. My wake-up call came in September of 2011, when I burned off my face in a kitchen accident. (Do we like how dramatic I made that sound?)

While I recovered, I could do nothing other than lie around, watch movies and sleep. It was as though the universe forced me to stop and reflect. I physically could do nothing else, but my mind was racing. There’s been this whirling anxiety in my chest ever since then because, during my recovery, I felt with every fiber of my being: “I only get one chance at this.” People say that all the time, but I’d never felt that. Until then.

For several months after, I went back to work, emailing my best friend and plotting my move day after day. This started in December. As some may recall, I was also in a relationship at the time. When you are not on the same page or same timeline, you have to listen to your gut. The move and risks I had in mind, I wanted to affect no one else.

In May, I decided that moving  had to happen. But first I wanted to actually visit the place! I planned a week-long trip in L.A. and informed my bosses of it. They had sit-down talks with me as to what I really wanted out of my trip, and I left with their full support and understanding. (Our office is open like that. The pro and con of a family-run business!)

The trip turned into two weeks. I came home knowing what I wanted to do, knowing what I should avoid and knowing that I wasn’t going to be in Ohio for much longer.

My story is just about to begin. I’m a 24-year-old chick about to embark on a crazy journey and trying to figure out who she is along the way. It’s hands-down the wildest thing I’ve done. But I know that this is what I have to do now.

What exactly will I be doing in L.A.? A little bit of everything, I hope. I have freelance work and social media consulting lined up, but aside from that, I am open to pretty much anything. Modeling, acting and music are, of course, on the plate as well. I’d also love to get involved in the food scene in some way. So basically, I want to do it all! Feasible.

My goal is as simple as this: I just want to be happy and spend my days doing things I love. That’s really it. I’m excited to be able to share my adventure with you.

Ciao for now,