by snackface on July 25, 2012 · 28 comments

Holla! Everything is still insanity over here, but I am welcoming it and taking things one day at a time. And having fun at the same time. And fending off a cold.

BUT ANYWAY. Here are some snapshots from my days here so far!

Stunning view, horrendous urine stench. Give and take, my friends.

My new name.

Evidence of getting ready for a run. Don't know why I felt that was necessary, but there you have it.

I have an on again, off again relationship with almond butter. Vanilla almond butter is about to make it long term, official, let's-announce-it-on-Facebook status.

Yea, I'll have some of that, please!

Interview-ready. Also the first time I've blown dry my hair AND straightened it in...months.

Leopard print, smoking shoes, tassels, flats. All bases covered. (Now in my suitcase.)

Fresh-pressed juices around every corner means I won't be buying a juicer anytime soon.

Not over it.

Classic snackfacing. Crackers and Sabra forever and ever, amen.

Whole Foods salad with all vegan toppings and some greenery that tasted like ocean in the bottom left corner.

Let's say it together: "Ohmigod, shewz."

Fun, food, fitness, life. Loving it all!

Ciao for now,