Instagram, Explained

by snackface on August 2, 2012 · 7 comments

I love being an observer through Instagram. Great pictures, very few words and almost no context. That’s what makes it wonderful. But it always stokes my curiosity: What’s happening beyond the image?

Context: Tuesday morning, after our first night in our apartment, we trotted to Sweet Lady Jane for brunch. We live in an extremely walkable area, which is a welcome change after living in the ‘burbs for…ever. This French press coffee was divine. And I can’t get over the paper doilies.

Context: I stared at the cakes but ordered potato leek soup and a rosemary roll instead. I’ve been back one time since the first visit and ordered soup again. One day, I’ll get around to noshing on cake.

Context: Also on Tuesday, I got ready for open calls for agencies. We learned this the last time we were in LA: When they say wear minimal to no makeup, they mean it. Thus, the blown-dry hair and makeup-free face. And tan lines, a HUGE no-no. It ended up being futile; we were too commercial for the two agencies we visited. I was not surprised whatsoever! Onto the next!

Context: Definitely added some face for nighttime. All natural tones and a little metallic on the eyes. Like always.

Context: I captioned this “creepin” on Instagram. That’s really all there is to it. Just being as creepy as possible with red eye.

Context: The one and only Gucci Mane made a brief onstage appearance on Tuesday night at Bootsy Bellows. As a hip-hop fanatic, you all know I was loving this. I could not stop cracking up. I think he rapped a total of 50 words, but that was plenty. #itsguccitime

I’m off for more adventures!

Ciao for now,