Things That Are True

by snackface on August 8, 2012 · 24 comments

I PROMISE that as soon as I set up wi-fi in the apartment, blog posts will appear on this little space more frequently. Bear with me through this time of enormous change!

OK, that aside, here is a brief list of things that are true of my current life in LA:

1. I have an apartment, a car on its way and a job (!!!!). What don’t I have? Wi-fi, a fridge, a bed, furniture in general. Shockingly, I’m kind of OK with it. For now.

2. The social scene here makes you question why Monday ever once meant staying in and doing your laundry. Every day is full of opportunity for something brand new. You absolutely never know what can happen in a day.

3. Empty dishwashers make for pretty decent makeshift iceboxes. Let’s call this being resourceful, not cheap.

4. Libraries are heaven. I visit the local library almost once a day. So maybe it’s because I need internet, but it’s really a lovely space. And free books, CDs and DVDs? Yes, please.

5. My rental car has been a second home, a U-Haul, a dressing room and more. The Corolla doesn’t mess around.

6. I need to set up a separate savings account for parking.

7. We may only have paper napkins and plastic utensils, but they are from Nordstrom and Starbucks, OK?

8. It has been sunny and gorgeous every single day I’ve been here. I am not used to predictability in weather. Cincinnati is all OVA the place.

9. Girls talk, but boys really talk too.

10. I have to be that clich√© chick who throws this out there, but I had this poster in a jpeg on my desktop for over a year. I read it every day. I stopped reading it when I started living it. Most importantly, “If you don’t like something, change it.” You have to believe me when I say you have that power. For a long time I never thought I did, and then I knew I couldn’t take the way I felt anymore. I couldn’t explain my unhappiness, and I couldn’t explain what exactly I wanted. But I started some endings, made a few plans and just changed my life. I can’t even say it’s been terrifying. Why? Because it’s felt so, so right.

Ciao for now,