Welcome to SnackFace, friends! I am Kailey, a twenty-something with a knack for all things delicious, fashionable, musical, witty, grammatical and fun. SnackFace™ is a space to share my passions and connect with everyone who wants to talk food/fashion/music/culture/life. In order to fully understand SnackFace the blog and SnackFace the woman, Imma need to break this down.

Snack-Face – \snak\-\fās\ (noun) Representing a young woman with a large appetite for everything in life, but mostly relating to food; the state of being hungry/snacky for life. Can also be used as a verb/gerund and adjective/adverb. Examples: By looking at what that girl ate for dinner, I can tell Kailey is a SnackFace. She certainly had her SnackFace on. She was so busy SnackFacing, she forgot to put on a bra. Her favorite activity is SnackFacing. Kailey SnackFacingly devoured that cake!

SnackFace the Woman – I am a writer/editor with a Bachelor of Science in Journalism from the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism. With a specialty in magazines, I interned at two national magazines during college.

In addition to loving the written word, I also adore…


…singing/dancing/acting/playing dress-up…

…exploring new fashions, locales, tastes…

…being a goof…

…just living and loving life.

There are three prominent subjects that you’ll find on SnackFace: Food, Fashion and Music/Culture. Here are my five favorites in each category:

Food – Anything from Trader Joe’s, Mediterranean cuisine, bread, Honeycrisp apples, cookies (preferably my mom’s chocolate chip cookies).
Fashion – H+M for skinny jeans and pants, Forever21 for freakum dresses/trendy pieces, J.Crew for drooling and daydreaming, Victoria’s Secret for tissue tees and undies, Nike for sportswear. (Designers/Fashion houses: Lanvin, Ralph Lauren, Zac Posen, Marchesa, Louis Vuitton/Marc Jacobs in general.)
Music – Ella Fitzgerald, Lil Wayne/Young Money/Drake, The Eagles (don’t laugh), Anything Goes/Thoroughly Modern Millie/A Chorus Line soundtracks, Good Old War. (That was impossible!)

There are prominent characters you will also find on SnackFace. I use pseudonyms to protect their privacy and because I think they’re funny. A breakdown:
MamaJ – my mom.
Popsicle – my dad.
MattyRich – my little broskie.
Marshmallow – pup (Australian Shepherd/American Foxhound mix).
Muffin – bestie.

From food to fashion to friends, you will find it discussed on SnackFace, served with a side of humor. I hope you enjoy!

Ciao for now,


***I claim SnackFace™ as my trademark. I claim the rights to this name, this logo, this site.