HeY, my name is KAILEY HARLESS.

Welcome to SnackFace, friends! I am Kailey, a twenty-something with a knack for all things delicious, fashionable, musical, witty, grammatical and fun. SnackFace™ is a space to share my passions and connect with everyone who wants to talk food/fashion/music/culture/life. In order to fully understand SnackFace the blog and SnackFace the woman, Imma need to break this down.

Snack-Face – \snak\-\fās\ (noun) Representing a young woman with a large appetite for everything in life, but mostly relating to food; the state of being hungry/snacky for life. Can also be used as a verb/gerund and adjective/adverb. Examples: By looking at what that girl ate for dinner, I can tell Kailey is a SnackFace. She certainly had her SnackFace on. She was so busy SnackFacing, she forgot to put on a bra. Her favorite activity is SnackFacing. Kailey SnackFacingly devoured that cake!