The Friday Five

by snackface August 5, 2011 Culture

Tweet Happy Friday, kittens! We’ve powered through another week, and if you’re feeling the same way I’m feeling, you’re more than ready for the weekend. Bring it. Sleeping more than 5 or 6 hours a night would be a dream! On this fine Friday morning, I’d like to share five things from the week that […]

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SnackFace’s Super 7 Links

by snackface August 2, 2011 Beauty

Tweet What’s happenin’, boos? First and foremost, you’re all bosses. Thanks for filling me in on your protein needs! It rejuvenated my passion for mixing up my eats. I dominated Kroger tonight, is what I’m saying. Anyway, I’ve been tagged by Gina and Gabriella in 7 Links, of which you’ve probably read dozens by now. […]

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Dog Days Are [Never] Over

by snackface July 24, 2011 Culture

Tweet Hello, sweet thangs! I have had the most relaxing weekend. I’ve been feeling extremely lethargic lately, so it was much needed. Most of my time was spent alongside MamaJ. Saturday, before we headed out, I specifically said to her, “I don’t want to shop for clothes.” In a post later this week, I’ll share […]

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One Ingredient Wonders

by snackface July 6, 2011 Beauty

Tweet Hello, doves! Often times, all it takes is one ingredient to make me view meals (or even an outfit) in a brand spankin’ new light. This is part of why I find myself at Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods or Target at least once a week, searching for a new snack or food product that […]

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Gone Corporate {SnackStyle}

by snackface June 30, 2011 Fashion

Tweet Hi, kittens! This week has been insane and full of surprises. That means, this Thursday night, my brain is crispy— and not in that fresh salad kind of way. As in that burnt toast kind of way. Thank goodness I’ve been collecting pictures of my Kailey-goes-corporate looks from the week. Friday is casual Friday, […]

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Experimental {SnackStyle}

by snackface June 28, 2011 Fashion

Tweet 1. By reading blogs like The Blonde Salad and Atlantic-Pacific, I somehow think I can get away with similar photographs. Turns out, I can’t. 2. I propped up my camera on a magazine because I was too lazy to get the tripod. Thus the reason I’ve deemed this “experimental.” 3. All my ‘fit pics […]

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This Weekend I…

by snackface June 13, 2011 Fashion

Tweet …ate $5.75 worth of frozen yogurt. …bought toning shoes not for the “toning”, but for the snug fit for my narrow feet. …tried on a romper. I swear, despite what people say, they are not meant for tall chicks. They are meant for cute, teeny people. …drank my first bier stein. I know, I’m […]

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Prep Squad {SnackStyle}

by snackface June 1, 2011 Fashion

Tweet Ahoy! What you are about to view is a recap of an outfit, which I will now be dubbing SnackStyle posts. Got it? Good. Hope ya like the freshness. I was feeling very Vampire Weekend/Lacoste/J.Crew/yachty on Wednesday. Sometimes, I dress like a boy with a slight girly twist. That’s aight with me. I think […]

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How To Be a Boss

by snackface May 24, 2011 Beauty

Tweet Hi, divas. Today, I’m going to teach you how to be a boss. OK, not exactly. But these are tricks and tips to make every day a bit easier and definitely more enjoyable. How to make a breakfast no one else will ask, “Can I have a bite of that?”:   How to dress […]

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Shine Like Neon

by snackface May 22, 2011 Fashion

Tweet Hey, sunshines! Here’s a picture recap from a purrrfect weekend! If you have any questions about the weekend pics, holla at me in the comments section! I hope yours was stellar! Ciao for now, Kailey

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