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by snackface May 8, 2014 Uncategorized
lara 400

Tweet I miss the 2009 idea of healthy eating. In 2009, you were golden if you ate a Larabar. Spinach was the queen green. Whole wheat pasta and wraps were clear carb winners. I miss the idea of just putting a little bit of effort into being healthy to actually be healthy. A few simple swaps, […]

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A Really Bad Excuse

by snackface February 11, 2014 Uncategorized
Ladies who Wine Wednesday together, stay together.

Tweet Well, hello, friends! What a surprising and lovely welcome. Thank you! I feel as though I have a million wonderful things to write about, and am so glad to be back and have the forum to do so. There is one thing right off the bat I can assure won’t be the same this […]

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by snackface January 30, 2014 Uncategorized

Tweet Starting a once-daily blog again two years post-hiatus isn’t easy. Where do I begin? What do I recap? How do I post now moving forward? While I have different approaches in mind, I know one thing’s for sure: SnackFace is going to be me, now. Tales will be mixed in, but I can assure […]

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by snackface January 17, 2014 Uncategorized

Tweet Just seeing if this works, because if it does, it’s about to change everything.

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On Turning 25

by snackface November 27, 2012 Uncategorized

Tweet I started this blog when I was 21. That’s four years of life on my little spot on the internet. Those four years have seen the ups and downs of overcoming an eating disorder. They’ve seen me in two (failed) relationships. They’ve tracked incredible friendships that continue to flourish. They’ve witnessed my college graduation, […]

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Hip Hop Happy Friday!

by snackface November 9, 2012 Uncategorized

Tweet Listen, I am well aware that my blog is hanging on by a thread right now. It’s just limping along. Actually, not even that. It’s been dead for a month. (HOW MANY METAPHORS CAN I USE TO DESCRIBE THIS?) I have been busy. Busy working out in the morning. Busy working (a.k.a. blogging) all […]

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Saturday in Santa Monica

by snackface October 9, 2012 Uncategorized
Santa Monica

Tweet Popsicle, this is for you! We had a little work event in Santa Monica over the weekend. It’s stunning over there! It’s kind of sad that the beach is only 20 minutes away, yet I rarely see it because I’m always running around West Hollywood and Hollywood. ANYWAY, I mostly posted this because my […]

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by snackface September 17, 2012 Uncategorized

Tweet Once upon a time, we used a dishwasher as a means to keep food cool. (Definitely cool, not cold.)At first it was hilarious, interesting— a fun challenge. And then it became obnoxious. We grew tired of feeling like squatters in our own apartment. One Sunday, we beelined to the back left corner of Best […]

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by snackface September 13, 2012 Uncategorized

Tweet I’ve recently started going to the gym before work (there’s too much to do afterward that I don’t want to miss out on…#FOMO!), which leaves me eating two meals at work. Former me would have frowned upon this. Just too much eating at a desk, you know? Over it! But I’ve adjusted to this […]

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by snackface September 12, 2012 Uncategorized

Tweet A best friend knows that you’ll always love your roots. She also knows that sometimes you need to be reminded of it. She knows this is the place in which your friendship was born. Its shape the name of the university that brought you together. A best friend knows that after years of struggle, […]

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