A Really Bad Excuse

by snackface on February 11, 2014 · 18 comments

Well, hello, friends! What a surprising and lovely welcome. Thank you! I feel as though I have a million wonderful things to write about, and am so glad to be back and have the forum to do so.

There is one thing right off the bat I can assure won’t be the same this time around: posting frequency. I simply don’t have time to post five days a week. Well, technically I could, if I wanted to spend approximately 15 hours a day on my computer, but that ain’t livin’!

My days are in any arrangement of the following: gym, work for 9-10 hours (on a good day), traffic, work event, client meetings, dinners, passing out. I try to optimize my time, but there just isn’t enough of it! I know you all feel me on this.

The schedule is all thanks to the wonderful field of work I’ve fallen into: PR. I’m a digital account executive at an agency that works with restaurants and the hospitality industry in general. That means I Facebook, tweet and Instagram about food and wine all day. Yes, that’s right. I tweet professionally. There’s much more that goes into it (reports, research, graphic design— I use this term lightly, proving to clients that social media can lead to additional “butts in the seats”, photography, live tweeting events, etc.), but the long and short of it is that I’ve managed to find a job that perfectly marries my love of food with my knowledge of social media. What’s even better is that I absolutely adore and admire everyone I work with.

Ladies who Wine Wednesday together, stay together. Ladies who Wine Wednesday together, stay together.


My journey to my current position (which feels like it was destined from the moment I started SnackFace) has been a long and adventurous one ever since I moved here. When I up and left Ohio, I didn’t have a job lined up. I put myself in a situation where I had no other choice than to figure it out, and I did. Call it luck, call it coincidence, but within a week of moving to Los Angeles, I had both an apartment and a job lined up. Then things got a little messy.

I went from blogging for celebrities for a handful of months, to freelancing for an online celebrity news site, to freelancing as a social media manager at an advertising agency, and then finally, I found a job that felt more like home. I was tireless in my pursuit of finding the perfect position for me, and it’s paid off. It has been an enormous gift. Not only does it feel great to spend your days doing what you usually do as a hobby, but it’s also been inspiring and uplifting to be around smart women who have similar interests and passions.

And by similar interests I mean like eating the entire Taverna Tony menu in Malibu. And by similar interests I mean like eating the entire Taverna Tony menu in Malibu. Is there anything more obnoxious than a picture of shoes? NOPE. Is there anything more obnoxious than a picture of booties? NOPE. With some babez. With some babez.


All of that is to say: I promise to post as often as I can, but you might have to be a little patient with me (MamaJ, Popsicle, I’m looking at you). It’s not a good excuse, but I’m feasting on life so I can then share it.

Until next time!





by snackface on January 30, 2014 · 43 comments

Starting a once-daily blog again two years post-hiatus isn’t easy. Where do I begin? What do I recap? How do I post now moving forward?

While I have different approaches in mind, I know one thing’s for sure: SnackFace is going to be me, now. Tales will be mixed in, but I can assure you I’m not the person I was when I stopped blogging, and I’m certainly not the 21-year-old I was when I founded the blog. BUT IT’S ALL GOOD.

I am here for you. You. Yes, you. The you who loves reading blogs but doesn’t fit into the super-fashion, super-healthy or super-family categories personally. Maybe you’re also 26, recently restarted your life and career, and are still exploring all that life has to offer. Maybe you like a lot of things, but aren’t obsessive about any of them. I feel that!

This is life now. I work doing something I love with people I love. I spend my spare time with my friends and boo. I’ve managed to make my hobbies in life what I do basically 24/7. It’s effing awesome.

So now, it’s time to blog all about it.

I am 100% open to any questions about what I’ve been up to in LA since I last posted! A Q+A post could very well be next.

I’m beyond thrilled to be back to writing on the reg, and am stoked to start this community all over again!

Ciao for now,



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Santa Monica

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