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About a million years ago I started snackface from the comfort of my rickety, two-bedroom college house. It started as a healthy living blog (omg so 2008) that was founded on my undying love of snacking. With the rebirth of snackface, I've spent a lot of time putting the face in snackface. Now, I'm finally finding how I want to put the snack back in snackface.

In the years I've been away from blogging, many things have changed, but my snacking's stayed the same. Scouring the grocery store aisles for new products will always be a hobby of mine, and I'll try just about any snack once. I want to share that in a way that's very 2017: by video.

My goal is to share my review of snacks-- new, tried and true, healthy, Doritos, etc.-- each week with both a video and then photos and descriptions below. The video above is my first attempt and I already have edits in mind for the next round. The info below heavily supplements this week's video, but I'm hoping to improve my presentation next week.

Let me know what you guys think-- I hope you like it and aren't as grossed out by the chewing sounds as I am!



All snacks reviewed this week were purchased at Erewhon in Venice. I am Erewhon OBSESSED and know I can rely on it for new, gluten-free, vegan, everything-free snacks. I do not have any dietary restrictions, but I have a blast trying everything (and if you've ever gone vegan even for a short period of time, you're always curious to see what's new in the vegan world). 


Hail Merry Meyer Lemon Tart: I have been a longtime Hail Merry fan and I couldn't remember whether I'd tried the Meyer lemon tart. I absolutely love the mint chocolate rendition of the tart as well as the chocolate chip cookie dough bites. 

After sinking my teeth into the tart, I noticed immediately the overwhelming coconut flavor. It has the tartness of lemon but the coconut truly outweighs the lemon flavor. This isn't necessarily a bad thing! I just could have used a bit more lemon. The texture is DIVINE.

Would I buy again? Yes! And I'll continue to try the brand's other flavors and products as well.

The Real Coconut Coconut Flour Tortilla Chips in Chipotle Barbecue: Why eat coconut flour tortilla chips? WHY NOT is the answer. These babies have the thickness of a pita chip, the crunch of a tortilla chip and a flavor that has descended from God herself. There is absolutely no hint of coconut flavor in this-- just chipotle barbecue heaven. 

Would I buy these again? ABSOLUTELY and immediately. I want to try every flavor. 


Good Lovin' Foods Cilantro Lime Dip: When you watch the video, you'll see I take a bite and then look at the lid again. I'm checking to see what flavor it's supposed to be because I honestly couldn't taste it. This was a bummer for me because I love this brand's chipotle chili dip and, in fact, went through a tub in less than a week. I couldn't get enough! It's an amazing alternative to dairy-based dips, but the cilantro lime was lacking.

Will I buy it again? Unfortunately not this flavor. I will have a rendezvous with the chipotle chili again soon, though.


Sunwarrior Sol Good Protein Bar in Cinnamon Roll: Sunwarrior protein powder used to be all the rage in 2009. Yes, that's a thing I just wrote but it's true! It's been forever since I've had the protein powder and I was excited to see this bar on the shelves last week. Like an old friend with a fresh makeover. People with dietary restrictions and sensitivities need as many options as possible, and this is a solid alternative to whey or soy-packed bars. 

The bar itself is soft like fudge-- not sticky and taffy-like, which I've found in many other protein bars. It's also a refreshing switch-up from nut and seed bars that are solely held together with something sweet. The soft cinnamon flavor isn't outweighed by any sense of protein powder. My only concern is the 12 grams of added fiber. Makes me nervous!

Would I buy it again? Yes! And I'm down to try the other flavors, too.

There you have it, angel babies-- the first installment of snackface snack break! I'd love to know what you think in the comments below.


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