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snackface Snack Break: Netflix n' Chill Snacks

OITNB Season 5 is released on Netflix today and I can tell you, without a doubt, I will be watching it for hours straight.

There's no activity I love more than doing absolutely nothing after a long day and getting cozy with some snacks. My go-to combo is popcorn and gummy candy (not mixed together, just each readily available in front of me).

This week, I tested three new-to-me snacks that I hoped would be perfect for such activities. Watch above for the real-time reaction and scroll down for pics!


This week, I found the Skinny Pop and Good Thins at Target, and the DelishFish at Erewhon. 


Skinny Pop Aged White Cheddar: Skinny Pop revamped its white cheddar flavor in a REAL way. I've tried the prior version of this and was disappointed by the barely-there dusting of cheddar. The new rendition promised to be "so cheesy!" and it seriously is. My usual litmus test for cheesy popcorn is: Does it remind me of Smartfood? If so, it's a win. This is even better than Smartfood. 

Would I buy it again? I'm wondering why I haven't run to the Target where I found this already. One bag lasted me only two days.


Good Thins The Beet One Balsamic Vinegar & Sea Salt: If I see a beet and burrata dish on a menu, there's a good chance I'm going to order it. This love of fresh beets encouraged me to try a snackier version of the root, but I'll admit, I was least excited to try these out of the bunch. Unfortunately, my intuition was onto something. The beet and balsamic flavors came on as strong as the dude at the bar you definitely don't want hitting on you.  

Would I buy these again? No. But I devour a whole box of The Oat One (Sweet Oat & Flax) in one sitting whenever I buy them.


Wholesome Organic DelishFish: Somewhere in the timeline of the past two years, I started eating gummy candy regularly if not daily. I really think candy is misunderstood but I'll save that theory for another time. The point is: Swedish Fish are good, but this organic version might be even better. DelishFish have a softer texture than their Swedish counterparts, and they have a distinct raspberry flavor that is simply delightful.

I know Swedish Fish are an entirely beautiful, perfect candy on their own, but why not have an organic, vegan, gluten-free version you feel good about eating more regularly? 

Would I buy these again? YES. I went through this bag at an embarrassing rate. 

Let me know in the comments below if there are snacks YOU'D love to see reviewed!

Ciao for now,

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