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LA to NY: Long-Distance Besties

LA to NY: Long-Distance Besties

After college, it's hard to know how friendships will turn out. Will it last? Will you stay connected? Will you continue to create new memories and new inside jokes, or will you keep rehashing the past?


For anyone who read my blog back in college, you know Muffin was a huge part of my life and daily writing. Right before graduation, she moved to New York City and I had no idea where I was going. I ended up staying in Ohio for two years after graduation making money as a copywriter and hoping for something exciting to happen.

During those first two years post-college, Muffin and I wrote each other daily, detail-oriented emails. Our struggles, our hopes, our dreams, our adjusting to life after college, separately, all live in those emails and gchats. I clung to our interactions as if they were life rafts keeping me afloat. 

Eventually, my "something exciting" happened and I moved to Los Angeles. Since then, it's been a wild series of jobs, experiences, travel and love. Through it all-- through living on separate coasts-- one thing has never changed. My best friend is still my best friend. Muffin is still my Muffin. Our sisterhood continues to grow and our bond is stronger than ever. 


A friendship like this is rare and we both know it. We have each other to rely on every day for everything. Space and time can't change the connection we have. 

I am deeply thankful for our lasting friendship and love for each other. Now, seven years after college, we're still creating new memories, new inside jokes and experiencing new things together. And we cackle our way through it all. 


We spent Labor Day weekend (and a milestone birthday) together for the second consecutive year. Every day was a mix of brunching, shopping, drinking and dancing-- a girls' weekend heaven. Not all the pictures were great, but I want to make sure I remember it all and sharing it here ensures that. 


[An aside: One of the projects I worked on for Muffin's birthday involved combing through years and years of old snackface.wordpress.com posts, and I've been inspired to keep better track of life NOW because of it. Blogs tend to need a formula now-- you have to know your brand, your niche-- but the way I want to write and share doesn't necessarily fit into that. Not all pictures are going to be perfect; I'll say embarrassing things. But hell, here's to being less censored, spreading more love and celebrating the shit out of what we have.]

ANYWAY. Trip eats were so good but lighting in dark restaurants (and also eating meals at 10pm) does not lend itself to the best photos but I'm sharing anyway! Too much goodness. Mish-mosh of pics, here we go!

diner lox.jpg

Fact: Diner will bring you back to life after a night of dancing until 3am. 


Hot tip: If you want the lightest, fluffiest piña coladas and both the best queso and kale caesar, get to Commodore ASAP. Also the DJ's playlist was so good I asked her if she does weddings or if I could buy a playlist off her. 


Saturday brunch: huevos rancheros at Meadowsweet. Sunday brunch: lox bowl at Shalom Japan


True story: One chick came up to me when I was wearing this jumpsuit and yelled, "What are you wearing? It's WEIRD. It's SO. WEIRD." So be it, babe. 

Between all the meals and selfies were discoveries of a Bulgarian bar, dancing in a cave-themed bar, free pizza and karaoke, analyzing Kris Jenner, The Weeknd and Selena Gomez sighting, a single workout at Equinox, getting a deserving dude kicked out of a bar, ordering "Clean Hand" instead of "Cool Hand," laughing harder than I've laughed all of 2017... you know, just best friend stuff that doesn't make sense to anyone else. 

Ciao for now,


Q: Are you and your bestie in different cities? How do you stay connected? 

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