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One Jacket, Three Ways

One Jacket, Three Ways

When it comes to fashion, I do not consider myself a super trendy person. While I'm a big fashion fan, I'm not a big shopper. I wear everything in my closet a million times and rarely make it a point to seek out new items.

Oddly enough, I think living in LA has made me shop less frequently. This is going to sound really whiny, but everything is so sprawled out it's hard to make several stops in one day. (Whereas in Ohio, I could go to one mall that had everything. Once a mall girl, always a mall girl.) I also don't do much online shopping because sizing is so inconsistent and I have to see something in person to know if I like it.

This leaves me wearing all my clothes for years and years. In the summer, it can be rather dire. I've worn a white tank and the same jorts for almost three years now. I'm making a promise to myself to fix that for summer '18.

Anyway, in order to maximize what I already own, I'm always mixing and matching. While many of my outfits and pieces are in constant rotation, I love how one new element can mix up everything you already have.

Which leads me to this vintage jacket. My gorgeous friend Kelsey and I day tripped to Long Beach a few weeks ago for three things: vintage finds, good food and fresh tattoos. Long Beach hosts a BEVY of phenomenal vintage-- I really had no idea until we were there-- and we scored big.

In addition to a pair of $40 perfectly tailored Escada trousers and a vintage tee, I also found an oversized camel blazer at The Hangout. It happened to be on my rather short list of things I wanted (they were: Levi's, blazer, vintage tees and trousers). And just like that, one item breathed new life into my closet.

My mix-and-match wardrobe falls into a few formulas:

1. Jacket + black top + black pants
2. Jacket + t-shirt + jeans
3. Jacket + dress/skirt + top combo

It's super simple and not groundbreaking whatsoever, but these "formulas" make it really easy to get dressed for work or if you're in a rush. 



This is something I would wear to a client meeting or, conversely, out to karaoke, which I did after shooting these photos. 


Outfit details: jacket, vintage; tank top, Brandy Melville; jeans, Madewell; boots, Zara (last year, unfortunately). 




This is my favorite combo out of them all, probably because I feel most like myself in a pair of good jeans. I also think I need to start wearing bright colors. Loving this orange!


Outfit details: jacket, vintage; t-shirt, Naked Cowgirl Vintage; jeans, Levi's; boots, Steve Madden


^^^ In my most natural state: on my phone. 



Now this is something you wear for date night, girls night or roaming the streets of Venice with your husband behind the camera. 

Outfit details: jacket, vintage; dress, Silence + Noise (they only have it in pink now); boots, Shoedazzle (I received from their PR team, but this style looks similar). 

And if you've made it this far, here's what happens when I think I can look like a supermodel floating in an editorial. It's not pretty. 


Above all trends, I believe it's important to know what you like, know what you feel best in and experiment within those parameters. 

How would you define your personal style? (Mine is definitely basics with a pop of color or trend here and there, with a strong backbone of DENIM.)

Ciao for now,

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