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The BEST Workout Pants...and Where to Wear Them

The BEST Workout Pants...and Where to Wear Them

Perhaps it's one of my most obnoxious qualities, but I am one of those people who posts about my daily workouts on Instagram Stories. Allow me to attempt to defend myself, though. It somehow keeps me motivated, it's my favorite part of my day and it's a very consistent part of my life, so why not share it? 


Since I'm such a frequent fitness participant (and because I've been a gym rat since age 18), I've tried countless yoga, running, you-name-it workout pants. More often than not, I'm left tugging at pants that are falling down or worried that you can see through them when I'm in downward dog. When you're trying to strength train or just trying to BREATHE during a tough class, that's the last thing you want to worry about. 

In the past two years, however, I have found my groove with workout pants. It requires spending more than what I was willing to pay for years (I relied on TJ Maxx and Target, which works well but not as well as the following brands). These are the absolute BEST workout pants I've tried and the activities they're best for. 


1. 2XU Bonded Mid-Rise Compression Tights: I received these as a gift from a client and, frankly, I did not like them for the first three wears. They smelled a little bit like paint and were extremely tight, but I'd never worn compression tights and who am I not to wear something I received for free? So I kept at it. Now, I can't rave about them enough. I mostly wear them for runs or intense cardio-meets-strength training, HIIT-style workout classes. They do NOT budge when you're wearing them and you feel incredibly supported. 

Where to wear: Running (pictured here, which I'm honestly giggling so hard at) or HIIT workouts
Fit: I wear a medium. These run small, so definitely consult the sizing chart!
Best quality: They stay in place no matter how far you run or how intense your workout. 
Price: $109.95


Items pictured: 2XU Compression Tights, Champion Sports Bra, ancient Forever21 Crop Top, Powerbeats Wireless, OV x HOKA Women's Clifton 4

2. Sweaty Betty Power 7/8 Leggings: I've had two pairs of Sweaty Betty leggings-- one that was printed and turned sheer in only a couple wears and a ride-or-die, matte black pair that works well for ANY workout. What I'm recommending is the latter. Put to the test through every type of workout--yoga, barre, HIIT, running, spin, Power Plate--these not only feel great, but they make you look very svelte. The waist hits right at the bellybutton for me (my preferred waist height) and the pants stay perfectly in place throughout. 

Where to wear: Absolutely any workout!
Fit: True to size. I wear a small. 
Best quality: They're versatile and work for most types of exercise; comfortable enough to wear all day.
Price: $105

3. Alo Yoga High-Waist Goddess Legging: 2018 has been my year of frequent yoga and barre classes, and these leggings make classes all the more enjoyable. The extremely high waist isn't tight-- it sits comfortably and flexes and bends to adjust to you. The legging has a super long inseam that tucks under your feet, thus making you feel like a professional dancer-- I am ABOUT THAT LIFE. The 4-way stretch fabric is incredibly freeing; you feel as if you could strike any pose at any moment. Also: ZERO see-through moments.

Where to wear: Yoga, barre or working from home/living in 24/7
Fit: SIZE DOWN. I wear an XS. 
Best quality: They're almost too comfortable! And they stay put. 
Price: $102

4. Outdoor Voices 7/8 Springs Legging: For some reason, when I talk about these leggings IRL with people, I tend to be a harsh critic. And then I find myself wearing them ALL THE TIME. I'm a huge OV fan, but I have to say these leggings are both amazing and difficult. I do tug at these a lot because the fabric is stiffer and thicker than other workout leggings, but if you want to completely avoid camel toe and seeing your individual butt cheeks, these pants are a huge win. I only wear these for barre or spin classes since you're in manageable positions. But outside of workouts, I LOVE these pants for travel and plane rides. I've found they prevent my feet from getting bloated and they look chic without much effort.

Where to wear: Barre, spin or travel
Fit: True to size. I wear a small.
Best quality: Zero camel toe and no way you're seeing through these babies.
Price: $95


I hope this guide helps you find a workout pant you love! I'd also love to know what brands of workout pants you can't live without!

Ciao for now,

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