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Snack Report 7.9

Snack Report 7.9

No matter how long I go between blog posts, nothing ever stops my snacking. Ever.

Over the past few weeks, I've shared the new-to-me snacks I've found at Whole Foods on Instagram Stories. This week, I wanted to give you my ultimate seal of approval on which snacks you should try the next time you're shopping.

First up, let's review the MUST-Buys.

1. Lesser Evil Paleo Puffs

snackface paleo puff.JPG
paleo puffs ingreds.JPG

Overview: These puffs are fully paleo and made with organic ingredients. I'm already a huge fan of Lesser Evil and an even bigger fan of any snack in a puff form, so I was thrilled to see these on shelves. I like the Himalayan Salt n' Apple Cider Vinegar flavor for its tang and the "No Cheese" Cheesiness for a white cheddar puff fix. The flavors are fully on point while the texture is crunchier and more dense than your average puff. This is more the texture of Cheetos than a Cheetos Puff. I've already purchased two more bags of the "No Cheese" since this first try!

2. Bobo's Toast'r Pastries

snackface bobos toastr.JPG
bobos ingreds.JPG

Overview: Bobo's turns out the best pre-packaged baked oat bars. Their oat bars alone got me through one hell of a NYFW when I had car sickness that wouldn't quit. But this isn't about the oat bars, this is about their brand-new, Whole Foods/Amazon exclusive: Toast'r Pastries. When you first open the package, the pastry looks homemade-- a reassuring sign, IMO. Once toasted, the corners get crisp and the filling is melty and jammy. If you need a vegan, gluten-free Pop-Tarts fix, try these. I've already stocked up on four more!

3. Quinn Snacks Pretzels

snackface quinn pretzels.JPG
quinn pretzels 2.JPG

Overview: If you are a gluten-free goddess, run to your nearest Whole Foods IMMEDIATELY and stock up on these babies. I'm blowing through bags the way I should be devouring greens instead. (But pretzels with hummus are so much more fun.) The Deli Rye style is incredible, but my favorite are the classic sea salt pretzel twists. With main ingredients like sorghum flour, brown rice flour, tapioca flour and potato flour, you're going to feel great after eating a whole bag in one sitting. Yes, I'm speaking from experience... 

4. Natural Calm Watermelon

watermelon ingreds.JPG

Overview: Now, I don't want you thinking I think some flavored magnesium powder is a snack. It clearly is not. It is, however, a new product (at least the flavor is) I LOVE. The woman working in the vitamin area of Whole Foods touted the effects this had on her work and kid-related stress. She said she even drinks it twice a day sometimes. With that, I was sold. I previously tried the unflavored Natural Calm mixed with hot water and it was too gaggy for me to finish. This watermelon, however, is the perfect nightcap at the end of a hot summer day. I mix it with cold water and let it sit for 15 minutes to ensure it's fully dissolved. Then I sip during the hour before bed and feel chilled out AND hydrated. It is a limited edition flavor, so snatch it up while you can!

Now we have the Nice-to-Try category. These were fun to try, but not something I'd necessarily buy again. 

1. Rice Rounds

rice rounds.JPG
rice rounds ingreds.JPG

Overview: These rice rounds are exactly as they claim to be: raspberry-flavored rice cakes dipped in chocolate. The ingredients are super simple and the flavor is on-point. Zach absolutely loves these, but they're missing a little something that would keep me adding these to the cart. 

2. Theo Coconut Bites

theo and bark.JPG

Overview: Let's get one thing straight: these are straight-up candy. And they taste just like it. Incredibly sweet, delicious, vegan candy. But even vegan goods have corn syrup as the first ingredient, and for that reason, these are a nice-to-try. 

3. Bark Thins Dark Chocolate Cherry with Granola

bark thins.JPG

Overview: Yes, I know, I know, snacking chocolate is also just candy. I love snacking chocolate, especially the pretzel variety of Bark Thins. But for me, cherry with granola crunch had neither enough cherry nor enough granola flavor. Nice to try, but I'll be sticking to the pretzel flavor next time!

That concludes this round of snack report! I'd love to know if you try or have tried any of these snacks and what you think!

Ciao for now,

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