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Wedding Prep: Skin Care Routine

Wedding Prep: Skin Care Routine

Well, well, well, it's been a while, hasn't it?! My wedding has already come and gone and my prep posts got left in the dust. But no more!

Even if you're not preparing for an event, it is the start of the year and a perfect time to hone your skin care routine. I have been a freak about my skin since I was 14 and have washed my face twice a day ever since. 

My goal with prepping for the wedding was to keep my skin as calm as possible. At the start of prepping, I was really intrigued by trying new facials, possibly getting injectibles and experimenting, but I kept coming back to one thing: I just want to look most like myself-- that is, a blemish-free self-- for the wedding. (I didn't even want to wear fake lashes on the big day for fear of not liking how they looked in photos. Anything I don't usually wear on my face, I didn't wear.)

I read several beauty editors' pre-wedding skin care routines and found that many did oxygen facials, small amounts of botox and so on, but I didn't want to do anything that I couldn't reverse or that would make my skin freak out. I've actually never had a facial before, so I even skipped that. 

Instead, I focused on keeping my skin calm and bright. I stuck to what I know with the addition of brightening serums and a mask routine. 



I've used the three Proactiv steps for 15 years, so those three steps remained a part of my routine. In the mornings, however, I use a gentler cleanser like Glossier's Milky Jelly variation since all I've done is sleep with a serum on all night. I follow the cleanser with the Proactiv Revitalizing Toner (I cannot stress the importance of a toner enough!) and the Repairing Treatment.

After that, I apply three droplets of Lumene Valo Glow Boost Essence. I picked this up at Beautycon and I swear it has changed the tone of my skin for the better! It really adds a glow, especially if you do a bit of facial massage while you apply. (It also smells like Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue.) I then massage on a layer of Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisture for sensitive skin. I'm currently on my third bottle of this-- it does a phenomenal job of moisturizing without being greasy. Finally, I layer on Glossier's Invisible Shield for SPF. I love, love, love how it smells (bright and summery) and it's the perfect primer for makeup-- I don't like how makeup goes on now without it! (Also on my third tube of this as well.)



My nighttime routine is a bit simpler because there's frequently a masking element as well. I start with a micellar water (my favorite is Simple Micellar Cleansing Water) to remove makeup, then move into the Proactiv Renewing Cleanser followed by toner. This is where you really see the toner work. Even if I've used micellar water and cleansed, the toner still manages to remove even more dirt and makeup. I think of it like this: If you're cleaning your TV screen, you could use a duster and it would do a fair job. But once you get out the Windex and paper towel, you see all the residue that was still on the TV.

After toning, I use the repairing treatment and then Lumene Valo Arctic Berry Cocktail Brightening Hydra-Oil on my forehead and cheeks. Press it into your skin instead of rubbing. (I avoid putting it on my chin, as it's prone to breakouts.) You GLOW when you go to bed and you wake up with the skin of a hydrated baby, I swear. 



My biggest fear with my skin and the wedding was the potential of waking up day-of with a nasty zit. In order to prevent that from happening, I needed to find a spot treatment that could act fast just in case. I also eliminated any of my own extraction processes from my routine. No picking whatsoever!

Anyway, I found La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo when I was walking around Target, desperately in need of something to tame a brewing cystic bump last spring. I took a chance on it because the reviews were positive, and let me tell you, I really have not had a nasty zit since purchasing this. The second I feel a little something coming on, I apply it twice a day. It stops a zit dead in its tracks. I cannot recommend this enough! 


Overall, I masked 2-4 times a week, sometimes double masking (a cleansing one followed by a moisturizing one). 

I use Formula 10.0.06 Skin-Brightening Peel Mask whenever I feel like I'm about to break out or my pores need a really good cleaning out. It helps to calm down redness or potential blemishes.

Glamglow's Flashmud Brightening Treatment is intense in the best way. I have hyperpigmentation above my top lip and I wanted to reduce its appearance. This exfoliates as you apply (you apply it in a circular motion) and after 20 minutes, your pores are tighter and your complexion is even. It is very drying, however, so load up on your Hydra-Oil afterward. 

First Aid Beauty's 5-in-1 Bouncy Mask is like a face lift, fillers, Botox and a facial in a jar. I recommend using this as a part of your get-ready routine immediately before your event. It plumps skin and calms any redness. 

Pixi Glow-O2 Oxygen Mask is ideal for when you don't have a ton of time for a mask, but need to wake up your skin quickly. You leave the mask on for 2-3 minutes, rinse it off and are left with super clean, bright skin. 

I rotated all of these based on what my skin's needs were throughout the prep period, but used the Bouncy Mask the morning of my wedding! When I first woke up day of, my face was a little puffy (wine and BBQ the night before), but after some facial massage and masking, it was glowy and blemish-free. Actually, to be honest, my skin has never been this consistently blemish-free before. 


I just received an order of new serums, so I'll update on skin care once I test those out! But for now, I definitely recommend the products outlined!

Ciao for now,

P.S. What skin care goods are you loving right now?

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