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10 Summer Beauty Must-Haves

10 Summer Beauty Must-Haves

I was walking through Target yesterday and I saw something on the shelves that used the term "makeup nerd." I've never seen those two words together, and yet, I related instantly. 

I am not only a makeup nerd, but also a product junkie. It's so small, but there's something thrilling about opening a brand new mascara or testing out a new palette. You're on the brink of something amazing, lackluster or truly disastrous. It could be your holy grail product or an absolute nightmare. You don't know until you try, and that's part of the thrill. 


What I'm sharing today, though, are products that are far from a nightmare. They're dreamy and best of all, beach-ready and summery. Beauty habits change in the warmer months. There needs to be an ease of use and a guarantee it won't fail you in the forever increasing temps. 

Here are the 10 products I'm swearing by this summer.


First up, I am obsessed with these Milk Makeup sticks. The matte bronzer stick in Baked melts into skin, making for a seamless summer bronze that doesn't sit on top of your skin. Milk's Lip + Cheek stick in Perk is the most perfect shade of coral. Dab it onto cheeks for an instant sun-kissed glow. The Lip + Cheek finish is slightly glossy, which makes the color appear even more natural.


A few weeks ago, I attended a Fenty Beauty x Musical.ly event downtown. I got to test out the Moroccan Spice palette before it hit shelves and was sent home with a generous bag full of Fenty goods. Even though I received it as a gift, here's how I can tell how good it is: I have had absolutely no desire to use any other palette or eyeliner. 

The Moroccan Spice palette is full of the most saturated, gorgeous, pigmented shades that are perfect for adding either a dose of gold shimmer or a swipe of surprising bold color. AND THE FLYLINER. If you want easy-to-use, won't-budge-an-inch liquid liner, say hello to your new favorite liner. 

To see them in action, watch my summer makeup must-haves tutorial!


It wouldn't be a summer beauty must-haves list without solid sunscreen recommendations. I've been a Glossier Invisible Shield devotee for over a year now. It goes on completely clear and leaves skin glowing. It's also an excellent primer for makeup. This sunscreen protected me throughout Coachella (and countless hours in the direct sunlight) and there wasn't even the slightest hint of a sunburn to be found. I wear this every single day.

While Glossier is a standard by now, the Coola Piña Colada SPF 30 Sunscreen Spray is a new favorite. I'm not a non-toxic beauty gal by any means, but I am becoming more and more aware. This Coola spray is non-toxic, 70% organic and smells like summer itself. Oh, not to mention it actually protects. I'm on my second bottle!


Conversely, in items that are probably highly toxic...my favorite self tanner! This St. Tropez Self Tan Express is ridiculously easy to use, doesn't streak and leaves you with an actually natural tan (no orange whatsoever). Even better, it's a choose-your-own-adventure kind of self tan. Leave it on for one hour, have a slight glow. Leave it on for two hours, deepen the tan. Or leave it on for three hours and you're a bronzed goddess. Definitely use the St. Tropez mitt to apply this! 


I pray beach waves never go out of style. Thankfully, I do live by the beach, so they never will...at least here. For piecey-ness that isn't beach-given, though, there are two products that will change your waves. IGK's Beach Club Texture Spray is a godsend for any hair, but especially for fine hair. A lot of sea salt sprays are too wet and weigh down hair. This IGK spray, however, is light as a feather and coats hair in a fine grit while the velocity of the spray itself boots volume immensely. 

To finish off your waves, rub a pea-sized amount of OUAI Finishing Créme in your hands and then throughout your ends. Instead of fine, fluffy ends, you'll have model-off-duty texture. Use any remaining creme to tame frizz at your part.  


I love to assign a scent to each new season so my memories and senses are strongly tied to a time and place. And it can be hard to find that seasonal fragrance! It takes a lot for me to invest in a scent, but it was love at first spritz with Philosophy Pure Grace Endless Summer. At first, it reminded me of a mix of Victoria's Secret Bombshell mixed with Escada Fruit Punch, but after wearing it for over a month now, it reminds me of our new home and margaritas with friends at Elephantè

I'd love to know what some of your summer beauty must-haves are too, and let me know if you check out any of these!

Ciao for now,


All photos are by Isaac Mann.

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