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Beauty Brunch: Blue Liner and Beachwaver

Beauty Brunch: Blue Liner and Beachwaver

There is always one question I receive over and over while I do the weekly Beauty Brunch livestream: "Are you going to do eyeliner?"

Truth be told, I rarely wear eyeliner. My eyes are uneven, so it wears off on one eye and not the other. But more importantly, I don't think you need eyeliner with most beauty looks. Hell, who needs much more than some good mascara?

Week after week, the question continues, so I thought, "Why not?" Maybe it's high time I revisit my own makeup challenges and no-nos and learn to love them.

I went all in with electric blue liner.


An eyeliner how-to was not the only topic I covered last week. I also introduced my favorite hair tool EVER: the Beachwaver S1. With a barrel that rotates by itself at the push of a button, you can always have perfectly imperfect beach waves. Hold your hair in position longer for curls, or hold for 5-10 seconds for looser beach waves. It also doubles as a wand if you don't want to use the mini clamp. I seriously cannot rave about this curling iron enough. It's $129 but it is worth every penny.  

For this look, I curled 1-inch sections of hair in alternating directions making sure the pieces closest to the face curl away. I finished by scrunching John Frieda Beach Blonde Sea Waves Sea Salt Spray into the waves as I finger-combed by hair. 


To see the tutorials in action, watch Beauty Brunch at 10am PT every Saturday on the live.ly app! 

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