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Tour de Northwest: Falling in Love with Portland

Tour de Northwest: Falling in Love with Portland

April was a busy month with THREE weddings, which took us from Santa Monica to Topanga Canyon and eventually Portland.

Zach and I started our tour of the Northwest (and what would be my first visit to Portland) in Seattle to visit family. Between cuddles with my soon-to-be nieces and nephew and meeting up with my former work wife, Kailey, we retreated to the Four Seasons hotel in downtown Seattle. 


Gorgeous coffee and fresh fruit plates gave way to cheese, charcuterie and pasta by night. 


We stayed in Seattle just two days before heading to Portland. Ever the romantic, Zach planned for us to take the train to our next destination. There's something so classic about traveling by train that I can't help but find it dreamy. And dream I did. It was my first time taking a train in the U.S. and I slept the entire time. 

We arrived to a stunningly sunny day.  


Our Airbnb was the cutest and made for the perfect backdrop for that Saturday's Beauty Brunch broadcast. Honestly, not sure who owns this little nook, but I would hire her to decorate my place. (Will you? Please?)


The gorgeous wedding we attended was full of friends, laughter and love. For the occasion, I recycled a dress I've worn MANY a time. 


Wedding festivities over, we took to the city by foot. Portland is absolutely charming around every corner. Every cafe and restaurant seems to be in competition for chicest, chillest and most Instagrammable. 

I didn't really have any expectations of Portland. The new-to-me city has been lauded by everyone with whom I've spoken about it, and most of my best friends are either from there or went to college there. Still, nothing prepared me for full-on falling in love with it. I adore the coziness, the proximity to hundreds of restaurants and cafes and this energy that lets anyone be anything they want to be. Powell's Books really sealed the deal.

Beauty Brunch: Beyonce-Inspired Ombre Lip & Rose Gold Glitter

Beauty Brunch: Beyonce-Inspired Ombre Lip & Rose Gold Glitter

Beauty Brunch: Blue Liner and Beachwaver

Beauty Brunch: Blue Liner and Beachwaver