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Best Bites of the Week

Best Bites of the Week

Hellooooo! What a week and weekend it has been! 

I chopped my hair off, I got a tattoo, I saw Tyra Banks, I've eaten pizza at least two times a week, I mean it's all GOOD. 

I may not be able to post daily eats, but I can't help but share the best bites of the week. As you may have been able to tell from the last eats post, breakfast is usually consistent but lunch and dinner are all over the place. In fact, after putting this post together I realized I didn't capture any of my dinners this week. Must not have been that memorable anyway. 



Sweet or savory is the only thing I really debate first thing in the morning. I've been loving this Living Cultures Coconut Yogurt over a banana with granola and atop oatmeal with raspberries. It has the thickness of Greek yogurt with a slight tang and lightly sweet and vanilla. I've tried so many coconut yogurts (including Coconut Cult, which I couldn't even finish) and this is by far my favorite. 



With back-to-back weekends of lunches and brunches with friends, I have been straight up spoiled with good food. Last weekend saw smoked salmon and caviar pizzas with champagne at Fig while this weekend saw honey glazed biscuits with maple honey butter at Roe and scramble bowls at Great White. In between those luscious meals, I had excellent coconut chicken tenders from Erewhon, an injection of health from Kreation and, of course, a snack plate here and there. 



I don't know what's going on with me, but I feel a need to bake something every Sunday lately. During the Golden Globes last weekend, I baked up this absolutely INCREDIBLE chocolate chip cookie recipe. This Sunday, I baked snickerdoodle cookies and this afternoon I made Rachel Mansfield's Dark Chocolate Cookie Dough Crack Bars. I can confirm that they are 100% crack indeed. If I haven't made anything though, Bites of Luv cookies are my favorite pre-made option. 

This week, I have a busy workweek and on top of that I have another video on the way! I'm learning to edit my own videos, which I really enjoy but I have to say the process is time consuming. 

I've really appreciated the comments and feedback on the recent posts. Keep 'em coming and have a fab week!

Ciao for now,

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