A Snackface's Dream: The Wedding Tasting

Do you know what a true dream scenario is for me? Sitting across from my boo with an assortment of wine and cocktails, and snacking my way through an entire menu. It's all I ever want to do.

In early November, Zach and I sampled what would become our wedding menu at Cheeky's in Palm Springs. Catering is technically done by F10 Creative (and they did a truly phenomenal job), but the tasting portion happens at the beloved Palm Springs restaurant. 

Honestly, I didn't get to eat much of it the day of our wedding, so I'm thankful I went HAM ahead of time. Watch above for real-time reactions (it's humbling to watch yourself eat in not-so-great lighting but whatever) and keep scrolling for pics of what we sampled!


From the top: meatballs as passed app; citrus avocado salad; fried chicken sliders on brioche with fried onions. 


From the top: cauliflower piccata (I honestly don't know if that's the name, but it should be the name); lamb lollipops with raspberry compote; roast chicken with Ojai dates, olives and capers; dessert assortment of caramel brownies, passionfruit panna cotta and butterscotch pot de creme.

I feel like it should be a thing where you can visit the restaurant that did your wedding catering whenever you want for a tasting whenever you want. Is that too much to ask? 

OK now I'm starving.

Ciao for now,

P.S. What type of snackface video content would you like to see more of in 2018?