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Eating Seattle

Eating Seattle

Aggressive title, or just right? Zach and I recently went to Seattle and had maybe the best food we've had all year. We ventured to restaurants on foot, which allowed us to stop at any place that looked cute and sparked our curiosity. (A place "looking cute" is very important these days; the menu is still more important.)

I firmly believe the best way to discover a city-- even the city in which you've lived for years-- is by foot. There are places you'll miss every day when you drive by them. Slip on that fresh pair of Nike Cortez and get going! (Truly, best walking shoes--it's like walking on a cloud.)



We went to Copal for a happy hour to catch up with friends and let me tell you, it's the ideal happy hour. With boozy slushies, Palomas and the perfect little bites, it's a Snackface's dream come true.

These strawberry slushies are made with Lunazul blanco, strawberry, Campari and lemon, and one is all you need but I can see how it would be easy to have several. Smashed avocado with pillowy tortillas and a side of radishes and cotija is the build-your-own snack you've always needed, and fresh watermelon with jicama, mint, cucumber and olive oil is a refreshing and welcome alternative to chips and salsa. (Although you know I love my chips.)

Bar Cotto


Quite honestly, we feasted at Bar Cotto and I captured only a mere fraction of it partially because of the lighting and largely because I was distracted by my dear friend Kailey being across the table. From the pizza to the burratta to the tomato and cucumber salad, everything was a delight. To finish off the meal, we tried two desserts: the ice cream sandwiches with mint oil on the side and a homemade pop tart. If a homemade pop tart is on the menu, just order it, you know? 



We walked up to Artusi the day of Seattle's Pride Festival. I loved the energy of being around people celebrating exactly who they are. We watched passersby from our table while eating forkfuls of delicate gnocci and tallegio-filled caramelle. 

There are approximately a million more places I want to try in Seattle and I can't wait to return to snack my way through more of the city's exquisite restaurants.

Ciao for now,

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