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La Brea: Sycamore Kitchen

CHANGE: On Friday mornings, I like to treat myself to my favorite coffee shop coffee. Monday through Thursday, I try my best to make my own coffee. Two to 4 dollars a day quickly adds up, and I just can't be about that life.

Venice: Gjusta

This is less a review of a bakery/cafe/smoked fish house/expert on all things delicious and more a story of the time I stood next to Jake Gyllenhaal and couldn't keep my cool. Not that I had much to begin with...

West Hollywood: Gracias Madre

There are two Gracias Madre restaurants; one is in San Francisco and one is in my neighborhood, West Hollywood. I went to the original Gracias Madre several years ago with the VegNews staff. The restaurant was dark, cozy and had hearty, vegan Mexican food served in an unfussy manner. The West Hollywood location, however, is like the grown up, glamorous version of that.

Echo Park: Ostrich Farm

It was a Sunday after a particularly long weekend when I ventured to Echo Park to meet my dear friend Kelsey for brunch. I'd heard only lovely things about Ostrich Farm (and watched a particularly mouth-watering Infatuation Snapchat review of dinner there), so went in excited and open.