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Hotel Bel-Air Staycation

Hotel Bel-Air Staycation

Zach and I had a hankering for a trip, but instead of booking flights and hustling to the airport, we decided on a staycation. Los Angeles in and of itself is a dreamland, so why not explore a pocket of it? 

We settled on the ultra-luxurious Hotel Bel-Air for our two-day trip. Tucked away in the hills off Sunset, the grounds are quiet, peaceful and far removed from the insanity of the city below.

As nature would have it, the weather went from gorgeous to chilly and grey just in time for our mini stay. But does that even matter when the hotel itself is decorated in millennial pink and lush greenery? No, no it does not.


Besides, my main focus of our stay was the main focus of basically anyone's vacay: what are we eating and drinking?


From room service to its restaurant, Wolfgang Puck at Hotel Bel-Air, to the bar to pool-side snacks, we tried it all. Every bite is delicious, but our not-photographed dinners were truly extraordinary. (There's something about taking photos of food at a fine dinner that feels gauche, but I'm trying to get over that feeling as I get back into the swing of food blogging.) 


Yes, I'm wearing clothes, a robe and a blanket at the pool. We do what we can to make it work. (Meanwhile, Zach actually swam. Seattle kid...)

Also, because I swear gluten-filled bread will make a comeback, this bread + butter + salt was honestly all I ever need. I just feel like it needs its moment. 


The hotel was beyond accommodating. They even saw that Zach posted a picture on Instagram that dubbed me "fresh princess of Hotel Bel-Air" and then they sent this to our room. I MEAN.


Hotel Bel-Air, perfect for staycations and snacking.

Beauty Brunch: Full Contour and Soft Halo Eye

Beauty Brunch: Full Contour and Soft Halo Eye

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Beauty Brunch: Beyonce-Inspired Ombre Lip & Rose Gold Glitter