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The Top 3 BEST Sports Bras

The Top 3 BEST Sports Bras

While there are several workout pants that are both functional and comfortable, solid sports bras are harder to come by. Depending on the workout, time of the month and intensity, a sports bra can also work for you one day but not the other. Needless to say, it can be frustrating and distracting when all you want is to just sweat it out.

As someone who works out five to six days a week, it's imperative I'm stocked with sports bras that won't fail me. I want to wake up, get dressed with ease and head out the door without worrying about the support (or lack thereof). After at least 20 workouts in each of these sports bras, I'm confident in sharing these are the absolute best. 


1. Ivy Park Logo Detail Bra: Zach actually bought my first Ivy Park sports bra for me solely based on my love of all things Beyoncé. It's super cute, but I didn't expect it to offer much in terms of real support. I could not have been more wrong, though! You can see from the photos this is a little worn in certain areas and that's because I genuinely wear it and wash it as often as possible. I LOVE this sports bra. It holds me in without being too restrictive, and somehow this neon orange and black goes with everything. The thick straps are strong enough to hold everything up but soft enough not to dig into my shoulders. I cannot rave about this sports bra enough!

Where to wear: spin class, weight lifting, HIIT workouts, boxing classes, jogging-- honestly you can do anything in this bra
Fit: These run a little big. I'd normally wear a size medium in sports bras (I have a small ribcage but a larger cup size), but the small actually fits much better.
Best quality: It's extremely supportive during any activity and doesn't tug or dig into you. 
Price: $36


2. Outdoor Voices Key Bra: The day Outdoor Voices launched its running collection, I purchased the bra, the shorts and the Hoka running shoes. While I absolutely adore the running shorts and the shoes, I have to say I was most surprised by the bra. Immediately after I opened it, I slipped it on, went for a run and didn't fidget with my clothing one bit. Is it weird to say I forgot I even had boobs? Well, it's true. This bra holds you in and fully suppresses bounce. Like, it won't even be a fraction of a thought in your mind. It's the absolute best bra for running I've ever tried. 

Where to wear: on a run or during anything where bounce might be a concern
Fit: True to OV sizing chart. For my bra size, it recommended a small and that worked perfectly. 
Best quality: Sweat-wicking fabric that's comfortable and flexible yet beyond supportive.  
Price: $39 (on discount right now!)


3. Alo Yoga Sunny Strappy Bra: A friend of mine used to work at Alo and I asked her for a recommendation for a chic yet somewhat supportive bra. (Alo has some of the most unique, stylish gear but there are so many tops and bras I can't get away with wearing...at least not in a public class.) She said a ton of the girls who work at Alo and customers who come in love this Sunny Strappy Bra. So naturally I bought it. I absolutely adore this bra for barre and yoga classes, but it's not going to cut it for anything more intense. (Light jumping is OK but anything beyond that is a risk.) What's so great about this bra, though, is that you can easily wear it all day and there's no digging into or tugging on your shoulders. I wore this throughout our recent move and felt comfortable yet supported. 

Where to wear: barre, yoga, errands, layered under tees and tanks for work/daytime
Fit: I'm somewhere between a small and a medium on their sizing chart, but I opted for medium and am happy with the coverage. 
Best quality: You can seamlessly transition from class to real life/real life to class in this bra.
Price: $54


I hope this guide helps you find a sports bra that supports you! I'd also love to know which bras you can't work out without!

Ciao for now,

All photos are by Isaac Mann. We do NOT Photoshop-- only color correct. 

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